Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Day of School!

Owen started 3rd grade this year!!  It just kills me to see him grow up so fast.  I'm so very proud of him and am hoping he has an even better year than last year.  Kindergarten and first grade were rough, but, he made huge strides last year in the confidence department and I really hope he surrounds himself with positive kids this year.  Honestly though, the pickings are limited.  I don't know if it's the school or the area or if we just got spoiled by the kids in his montessori class.  But, I can see why it's hard for Owen to make friends, these kids are so disrespectful and mean, Owen just can't relate to them at all.

I love that this kid poses and likes wardrobe changes...hahaha!

Liv was absolutely wired about being in the "big girl class" this year.  She's moved up from the toddler class and is now officially a preschooler...SO hard on her mom!!  The pictures were definitely hard to come by as she wouldn't stop, this is what I got...

I have absolutely no idea what the hand thing was about...maybe too much yoga?  No idea!!  But, she did it every time I got the camera out...namaste you goofy kid!!

A Visit from Grandma and Papa!

Dave's parents came up for two weeks the end of July and sadly, I barely got any pictures!  Hopefully, Dave's got a few on his phone.

We took a quick trip up to Hatcher Pass and Owen decided to climb up a path we'd never taken before to the very top of the mine.  I figured the path couldn't possibly go all the way and decided to let him go to the end.  Much to my didn't end!!  We went all of the way to the top, much higher than I had anticipated, and the trail got so steep, Owen and I had to go down most of it on our rear ends because it was such loose gravel.  Dave did much better than us however!!

To give some perspective, here's Diana and Anthony before the "steep" part...Liv even walked up this far, but, bailed about a 1/3 of the way up the "steep" part and Dave had to take her back down to his parents.  

Here's Dave and Owen at the very top.  I do have to say though, it was worthwhile to go up because on the way down, we saw a couple Collard Pika gathering greens for the winter...they are a small animal related to rabbits that look like chinchillas without a tail.  They are super cute and I'd never even heard of them before!  Dave wanted me to take a picture, but, the one we saw up close happened to be when I was in an especially percarious position.  So, picture taking wasn't exactly my top priority!! 

New Cousin Elizabeth

We got to meet new cousin Elizabeth in July too!!  The kids were over the moon.  Owen was so disappointed when he found out that a "baby shower" does not have anything to do with the baby at all.  He thought all along thats when that kid would make an appearance!!  I'm not sure why the confusion given the fact that he's been through this before, but, it cracked me up.  It was a LOOOONG wait though I can tell you from the baby shower to the actual delivery date for him! 

I stayed at the hospital the first night so that Trevor could get some rest.  Shawn had to stay in the hospital three days, so, they had a long haul.  This is how Miss Elizabeth looked most of the night...which was good because when I first met her, I thought maybe I need one of my own...but, by morning, I was good with just being the auntie!  Hahahaha!

Clearly, I messed with this picture too much.  I liked how proud Owen looked when he got to hold the baby for the first time, but, wanted the background gone.  So, I subbed in my own.  But, I just don't love it, not sure how to make it better though.  Still a sweet picture.

All of these pictures I take make me realize how much Owen wears his heart on his sleeve.  Theres never a picture that you can't tell exactly what this kid is thinking.  I get credit for taking such great pictures that capture so much emotion, but, it's really all him.  I just love that about him.
 Liv's a lot like that too, but, she's not quite as sensitive as Owen so, it doesn't typically show through as transparently in her pictures.  But, this was an exception, could she look any prouder to be a big cousin?  She was SO glad to get a girl!!

I messed with this one too much too.  I especially liked the kiss, but, it was kind of blurry.  So, I had fun trying to fix it...content is still good...but, I need to work on my artistic skills some more! ;O)

I'm obsessed with pictures of my grandmother and the kids.  I think it's because every day with her is a gift at this point.  I guess its also because I know from experience with Dave's Granny that unfortunately, sometimes, all you get with a loved one is a photo.

I wish I'd focused on Elizabeth in this picture, but, I like the look on my grandmother's face.

This is a blanket woven by a guy that Trevor works with.  He patterned it after the same material as was worn on the princess in cute is that!!


I think I took more pictures in July than I did all the months since our trip to Hawaii combined!!!  Here's the kids with their goofy straws at Red Robin.

I finally got around to video taping Liv saying "M&Ms", cutest thing ever!

We went out to Mark and Lynne's cabin with Geoff and Jenna on the 4th of July again this year.  They have a new blow up raft like thing that they have tied to the dock.  It was SO cold on the 4th, I was shocked the kids would even go in the water.  They were like popsicles every time they got out.  But, they had a blast.  The next day was in the 80s as our luck would have it!!
 Blake and Liv both love to kick in the water off the side of this raft, they crack me up.
 Owen braved the water long enough for a swim!
 But, he much preferred the kayaks.
 I don't know if Jenna was braver to take both Blake and Liv out together or to give Blake a paddle!!
Even I got a turn in the kayaks!
These two in one boat is probably a bad idea too...Owen and Austin had a blast though.
 It's not a visit to the cabin without a jet ski ride!!  This year Jared took Owen for a spin, but, he drives faster than Geoff, so, Owen wasn't quite sure what to think of it!
 Eli figured everyone else could play on the "toys" and take the real machine out for a ride... :O)

We are up to 7 kiddos all together now...that is about 6 too many for one house!!  This is the 5 oldest...Olivia and Blake are always like two bugs in a rug together.

Olivia has a tantrum that cannot be outdone by anyone on this planet.  I'm not sure if I asked her to come in on this particular day or if I was trying to make dinner and she wanted someone to go outside and play with her.  It's especially hard on her that her brother has friends to play with in the neighborhood and she doesn't, or at least, she can't go by herself to play with them like he can.

 On this particular day, I had two crazy kids in costumes running around the backyard...

Liv was promoted from a tricycle to training wheels this summer.  She picked it up so fast, it was amazing!!

Yes...we went to the grocery store like this one day...

My mom found this crown for Olivia and she just had to try it on with her Elsa dress.

This was the last day of running club.   To my surprise, Melanie's kids, Kaylee and Hayden, participated in it this year.  It was great for Owen to have someone he knew that would compete with him a little.