Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Day of School!

I posted these, but, never got back to comment.  Owen was ecstatic about his first day of kindergarten, he thinks he's really made it now.  There's no higher accomplishment in his mind! ;O)  It's really funny. The first day seemed to be a little rough.  He's in the Spanish Emersion program, so, when a typical kindergarten class starts to wind down in the afternoon, his class switches from English to Spanish and starts all over again.  According to the teacher, it's pretty intense.  But, Owen seems to be soaking it all up and lives for school days now.  He even counts how many more days he's got before he gets to go back on the weekends!  

I took this shot in the classroom (Dave was less than pleased about  my camera in the class!).  You can see in his face that reality was soaking in and he was a little nervous.  It made it kind of hard to leave!  He did great though and has no complaints about school....yet! ;o)

Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Months!

Where does the time go!  Our little one is going to start daycare soon and our big one starts Kindergarten next week.  How did this happen!!!  You know it will come some day, but, it seems so far in the future and then you blink and it's time.  I really hate when people tell you to "enjoy this time with them before you know it they'll be grown".  You can't enjoy it in the moment, you are too busy trying to keep up!! ;O)

I was trying to find pictures of Owen in this outfit and come across a shot of the first time Owen sat up on his own....he was 7 months!!!  Olivia's been sitting up on her own for a minute or so at a time for about a month now.  She's such a brute!

I found the shot I was looking for of Owen in these same jammies.  Problem being, he was 8 months old! ;O)  They are slightly big on Olivia, but, she won't be wearing them at 8 months I can assure you!!!  Anyway, I settled for this shot of Owen instead.  How cute are these kids! ;O)

Just for fun, Owen in the same jammies...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hatcher Pass...

I posted these pics really quick after our trip to Hatcher and haven't gotten back to write about them!  We took Diana and Anthony up for a hike last weekend.  Unfortunately, Owen had a birthday in the middle of the day on Saturday which was the better weather day!  So, we dressed for rain and headed out...

Owen took his super hero mask as well...choose your battles, right? ;O)

It was a good thing we had him watching out for us!  Such a goofball!

This is a horrible picture of me, but, I wanted credit for packing up 16 pounds of dead weight!!!

I wasn't sure I'd make it the whole way packing Olivia, but, I survived and we got some really nice shots while we were there!

I'm hoping Diana got a better one of us as a family.  Neither kid cooperated on my camera!

Olivia wasn't thrilled about being packed up, but, she loved hanging out and touching the moss.  Anything new to touch, or better yet, taste! ;O)  Everything goes in her mouth these days!

Friday, August 17, 2012

We've Been Busy!

It's been a busy few weeks around here and I imagine it's only going to get busier!  Owen starts school in another two weeks and his sister will go to an actual daycare for the first time the following week.  We've wrapped-up most of Owen's sporting events.  Soccer ended the last week of July and running club the first week of August.  I hadn't thought to take pictures of Owen at running club until his last day, so, I thought I'd share...

They often made the kids run around the 4 baseball fields at the park.  I think that's got to be half a mile.  This is Owen wrapping that part up.

This is one of the hills they typically use for warm ups, but, this particular day, they also used it to run drills.

This is the other hill, can you spot our little dude?  The minimum age for this program was 6, but, they allowed 5 year olds in if they could keep up.  Owen wasn't the fastest, but, he was usually right in the middle of the pack.  Pretty good considering the age range he ran with!  He never got discouraged either.  I was really proud of him, he did amazing!
Diana got into town the end of July and I've been able to work a lot more since she is willing to watch both kids for us.  But, I've been dying to go back to the Reindeer Farm and thought this was a perfect excuse to take a break from work.  Owen loves it and Diana had never been.

This young elk seemed to be torn.  On the one hand, he wanted to protect the females in the background.  On the other hand, he does like the tasty grass...
They had just separated the mothers from the babies to keep them safe with rutting season approaching.  It was actually really hard to hear the babies crying, they'd cried until they were hoarse.  Typically, they'd let us in the pen with the babies, but, there was a huge group of preschoolers there that particular day.  So, they took the rest of us in to feed the mom's instead.  Because of the anxiety of being separated, they were a little extra aggressive.  Between that and their size, Owen was a little overwhelmed!

On the way out, we stopped to feed Denali the moose.  He's SO cute and even likes his nose pet.  

Our little missy lou went to the Reindeer Farm too, but, didn't participate much! ;o)  Check out her dress that her Grandma Diana made for her though!  How cute is she in it!!  The dress is made from the same material as her quilt that Diana sent up when she was first born.  My picture is a little blurry, I'll try again another day with this ensemble.

We just thought she looked cute in this particular outfit from my mom.  It kind of cracked me up, looks very Christmasy! 

We took some other naked baby shots that same day.  She's just so roly poly!!!

Olivia's never chewed on her toes like Owen did, but, she does like to hold them.  The only problem is, she grabs those toes and then the next minute.....
She's rolled over on her side!  She's so close to rolling over entirely.  She just doesn't seem all that interested in doing it!  After all, you can't hold your toes when you roll over on your belly! ;O)
I don't think I like the green as a background, it reflects too much.  But, thought these were cute shots anyway.  Olivia is already sitting up for a minute or so at a time...she's definitely going to have the sitting thing down before the rolling!