Friday, April 22, 2016

One More Whirlwind of a Day! (Day 10-3/14)

We started the morning off with a quick trip to Hollywood Studios to try and hit the Toy Storia Mania ride one last time.  We arrived shortly after opening, but, the wait was already 2.5 hours!!!  So, we came to the conclusion we were going to have to give up the fight.

I guess they already shut down the Honey I Shrunk the Kids! show.  But, the playground is still open.  The kids have never seen the movie and didn't get it at all, but, they loved the playground!  We also took a quick walk up and down all the movie set streets.

Olivia and I headed off to the Frozen Sing A Long Show and Dave decided to suck it up and try the Star Tours 3D ride the kids and I had already done, even though he has issues with them...I think he hated the thought of missing out on anything Star Wars!

I was dreading the Frozen show a little, but, it turned out to be fantastic.  It was basically a recap of the movie, but, from the perspective of the town historians.  They were hilarious and definitely geared the comedy towards the adults.  The only down side is that Liv decided she had to use the restroom just shortly after it started.  I made her wait until she was panicking and then gave up our perfect center stage seats.  I was super upset.  Thankfully, they were nice enough to let us back into the show, but, of course, I didn't want to walk over everyone to get back to our seats.  So, we sat in some open seats in the back corner to finish out the show.

 So, as Dave and Owen were leaving the Star Tours ride, a guy had puked and passed out in the hallway.  That was Dave's greatest fear, he could really sympathize with the poor guy.  I guess he was really embarrassed.  It would especially stink to make it through the whole darn ride and then get sick and pass out in the hallway where everyone and their brother has to walk past you!!!  Dave on the other hand faired much better.  There was lots of time to kill before Liv and I got out of our show, so, the boys looked around some and Owen made his own light saber.  They met up with us after the show and we headed back to the hotel. 

The Star Wars portion of the park is a mad house these days with the recent release of Star Wars 7.  I was really glad Dave got a picture of Owen on this because there were long lines to do so every time we'd gone by prior.

We made one last stop at the Muppet 3D show which both kids really loved and then I made them stop and take pictures in front of the sign on our way out of the park, but, the sun was right in our eyes and this is the best we got, they were HORRIBLE!  Hahaha!

We headed back to the room and the kids begged us to go swimming.  I really think they probably would have been just as happy hanging out at the hotel every day!

The pool here is not nearly as exciting as Caribbean Beach, but, it was heated and it had a slide, that's all Owen cares about!!  The hot tub is all Liv looks for in a pool, haha, so, she too was satisfied!  There was a cute baby pool as well that Liv liked walking around in, but, it wasn't more than waist deep.

I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the hotel and grounds while Dave and the kids played. We stayed in room 9763 of the Parterre Place Building.  It is WAY easier to find your way around this resort than Caribbean Beach, which I for one really appreciated.  Down the center of the resort is a river with boats that take you next door to Port Orleans French Quarter (which is also a beautiful and easy walk) or you can take it all of the way to Downtown Disney (Now called Disney Springs).  Each building had a garden in the center center with a 3-story center portion and then wings off the sides with just two floors.  But, unlike Caribbean Beach, this place had elevators for getting your luggage to your room which was really nicer than I realized!

When we checked in, we were handed a note from Tiana!  It was rolled up and tied with a string and in better condition than it is now (picture taken after flying home!).

The room is totally themed out similar to the Art of Animation, it was really amazing.  

Notice the Magic Carpet from Aladdin on the floor in the lower left of the pic!  Pictures of most of the princesses hang on the wall along with silhouettes of the princes.

I hadn't noticed the facets, but, Liv did and knew right away they were Genie bottles!

The best part of course though were the fireworks in the headboards!!!  We don't know why we were upgraded to the fancy Royal Guest Room, but, it sure made our stay extra special and we are thankful to whoever decided to do that for us!

Sorry about the audio...I didn't realize I had only filmed the fireworks while Dave was visiting with his parents, whoops!!!  I can't figure out how to delete the audio out on YouTube...I'll work on it.

There was no time for a nap, so, instead, we headed to Magic Kingdom to use our fast passes.  Dave and Owen were pushing it to make it in time to use their Fast Pass, so, they headed off to do the Mine Train again and left Liv and I in the dust.

Somehow this happened between exiting the bus and going through security...I couldn't even wake her up enough to get her to take off her Magic Band so we could get into the park.  I had to rip it off her arm!!

She slept all the way through the park and the whole time we waited for her and her dad's Fast Pass to Dumbo to start.  I wasn't sure she'd wake up in time to ride that either.  Man was it HOT too!  The park was absolutely packed and getting a drink meant standing in long miserable lines.  Dave and Owen met us at the Dumbo ride and then seeing Liv was still asleep, they headed out to find water.  It took them FOREVER, I honestly thought I might pass out.  This was officially spring break week for both Florida and Texas and it was more crowded than we'd ever seen it.  We'd planned to stay at the park for the late Extra Magic Hours, but, we just were all too tired and too miserable to stick it out.  So, we opted to do our Fast Passes and get the heck out of dodge instead.

Owen and I headed out to ride our next ride, Thunder Mountain, only to find out it had just broken down.  Owen wasn't disappointed however, he's not a fan apparently.  I was bummed though, I hadn't gotten to ride it yet and with the crowds, didn't get another opportunity.  The worst part of the break down was that it was the very beginning of our Fast Pass time, so, in order to not lose it, we'd have to come back when it was up and running again.  The crowds were just too heavy to allow for that, so, we ended up forfeiting it.  Had it broken down and not been fixed within our allotted time frame, we would have been given a Fast Pass to use on any ride at any time.  Bummer!

Our next round of Fast Passes was Space Mountain for Owen and I and Buzz Light Year's Space Ranger Spin for Dave and Liv.  Owen wasn't sure he loved it, but, it's my favorite!!  The downside though was even with the Fast Passes, the weight was over 30 minutes!!!  We've never waited more than 10 with a Fast Pass!

Liv and I had one last Fast Pass to use before we left the park...Ariel's Grotto!  She was SO excited to meet Ariel and I think the pictures are adorable, totally worth sticking it out in the madhouse that was the park!  Dave and Owen took a tour of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and hit the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade.

After arriving back at the hotel fairly early (for us anyway) we thought we'd head over to Disney Springs by boat.  But, we were too late, it stopped running around sunset, so, instead we went to the room and got some much needed relaxation.

High:  86
Low:  78

Steps Taken:  29,620
Distance:  12.77 miles