Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Week!

I Waited ALL this Time....FOR THIS??!!!?!

Haha, Olivia had her first real solids today...rice cereal.  It was pretty uneventful, she didn't really seem to have an opinion one way or the other, but, this photo makes her look ticked off! ;O)

Kiah was SO glad to be visiting this weekend of all weekends! ;O)

Got another shot of our sleeping beauty! ;O)

Owen had his last soccer game of the season last night and made it worthwhile...he got TWO GOALS!!

The other team had three girls and one boy...they gave our kids a run for their money!

I don't know what happened here, but, thought it was too funny not to share!

And just you think I get any quiet time while I post/edit these's what's happening on the floor next to me...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4 Months!

I can't believe our little munchkin is 4 months old already!!  I've said it before, but, it is truly going by too fast.  She's been such a little angel.  She's mellowed out so much the past two months and although she has her dramatic moments, she's definitely an easy baby.  In a lot of ways, she's even easier than Owen.  She's been sleeping 9-9.5 hours at night since she was 9 weeks and is far more flexible with her naps during the day.  Owen suffers with night terrors and even at this age, if he missed one nap, you were guaranteed a rough night.

Olivia had her 4-month check-up and vaccinations today (she has a temp close to 101 to show for it too!).  So, I have some stats for you:

Olivia-15lb 15.2oz 80% for weight; 24" 15% for height; 42cm 75% for head circumference
Owen-14lb 13.2oz 50% for weight; 25.5" 75%; 43cm 75% for head circumference

I was looking through Owen's pictures for a pose we could reenact for comparison sake and noticed how many sleeping baby pictures we had of him.  I hardly ever take pictures of Olivia sleeping because she's not one to fall asleep outside of her bed.  So, I snuck in and took one of her in her crib...problem being, its really dark in her room and this turned out really grainy...I opened the curtains and she opened her eyes, so, I will have to keep working at it!  Doesn't she look innocent when she's sleeping! ;O)

We FINALLY got Owen's new bedroom set this past week...19 weeks after we ordered it.  Word to the wise, don't buy from the Amish store unless you want to pay 5x the going rate (literally) and wait 6 months to get your order!!  That was our first and most likely last purchase!!!  Anyway, point is, we got Owen's old furniture moved into Olivia's room and she hung out with me while I straightened things out over the following couple of days.  She's getting SO big and is SO sturdy!  It cracks me up!

She's getting pretty adept at using her hands these days and likes to touch EVERYTHING!  Of course, it all eventually ends up in her mouth.  I was making a "Grrr..." noise and told her to "get him" (like I do the dogs) while she chewed on this rattle and she thought I was so funny.  I'm not funny very often apparently, so, I really feel like I've accomplished something special when I am rewarded for my attempts with this beautiful grin! ;O)

These came from our little photo shoot to get a similar picture to Owen's.  She wasn't feeling very cooperative that day and had no interest in her feet like her brother did at this age, so, it was rather unsuccessful.

I LOVE the face in this one!

And for being so good...she got her photo shoot gross!!  Max sits on the floor in front of her and just to her left while i take photos.  Every time I make the kissy noise to get her attention or she cries, he's there with these kisses!  I've got to remember to put him in the garage before the shoot starts!!    He waits until I'm in the midst of photo taking before he slinks up and takes his, I'm always caught off guard when he jumps up and kisses her!

My Chevron supervisor gave Olivia this blanket and I wanted to send her a picture with it.  I didn't have much time to play with the blanket as my subject was not amused...but, I think this is cute anyway.  Kind of makes her look like a boy with all that blue/green though (she's in Owen's old pjs which doesn't help!).

O.k., so, now for some long overdue comparison pics...the first two were just ones I came across that I thought were similar enough to compare.  I think these two look the most alike when they are sleeping.  It's hard to tell in these shots, but, I thought I'd share anyway.
She's SO much sturdier than he was...she's even able to sit up unassisted (doing that tripod thing with her hands) for quite a few seconds before leaning over.  Owen was a solid 6 months before he even came close.

These cracked me up.  I had SO many pictures of both kid open trying to find two that were similar.  While I was flipping back and forth, I started to have trouble deciding who was who!  I see a lot of similarities here!!  He looks a little chunkier than he actually was in this one, but, he was definitely closer to being filled out at this age than I recall!  I thought he was always just skin and bone!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunny days...chasing the clouds away...

We've had a beautiful few days here in AK!  Yesterday, it was in the mid 70s, just amazing!  Dave and Shawnie got to take a 37' yacht, owned by one of their suppliers, fishing out of Seward.  I'll have to post the picture Dave took.  Shawn thinks it's ruined her for charting a fishing boat in the future, it had 3 bathrooms!!  Now, thats my kind of boat!! ;O)  They got some beautiful silvers which, with the fish drought we are having up here, is like coming home with gold!

Anyway, onto some pictures.  I took this of Olivia the other day.  I think this was after one of Owen's soccer games.  She rarely sleeps through us turning the ignition off, let alone bringing her in the house.  But, she was pooped this time.  She looks like one of those little baby dolls you can buy that are just too realistic not to be creepy...but, in a good way! ;O)  

I was telling Dave yesterday that with the new found control of her hands, she likes to run her fingers on the sun visor on her car seat (the silver thing up top).  It drives me nutty!!  Kind of like nails on chalkboard all the while you are driving!!  If she's not doing that, she's singing.  I much prefer her little sing songy voice! ;O)

O.k., so, I attempted this tutu photo again without much success on what I was going for.  Shawnie bought us a Groupon for a family photo at Fitzgerald Photography in Eagle River (more on that later...Dave didn't make it in the "family" photo) and I just especially love this photo for some reason.  Mine didn't go as planned, but, I still really like what I did get...thanks to my mom and the 500 tutus she bought, we will have plenty more opportunities! ;O)

And of course...this was how the photo shoot ended...
Two little couch potatoes watching t.v. again... 

Olivia hanging out while I got ready for the day...doesn't she look just a wee bit like a punk here! ;O)

Owen told me he "picked" me some flowers the other day and rolled-up pleased as punch with his wheelbarrow full of violas.  Not exactly what I would have liked to see!!  But, these are technically just growing on the dirt area Dave uses as a parking spot.  I kind of liked them in the ground though!!!  We had another little lesson on what qualified as a weed, but, how can you not appreciate the intent! ;O)

And not to be outdone, Owen has a little video of his own.  This is quite the accomplishment seeing how his parents exceed the weight limit and couldn't demonstrate for him!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Too Funny...

I didn't edit this at all, and I couldn't stop lauging while Dave taped it.  So, you may want to turn the sound off! ;O)  I just thought this was too cute not to share.  Olivia isn't much of a pacifier girl, she prefers her hands in her mouth instead.  We need to start working on that because she sucks on her fingers almost non-stop these days!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Excessive Number of Pictures....

I started work this week and while I was getting ready the first day, Olivia hung out with me in the rocking chair.  The lighting is so bad in our room, but, I thought she looked too cute not to post this.  She just looks like a little baby doll to me!

This was in our room too, still bad lighting, but, couldn't resist sharing this photo of the two kiddos watching cartoons...well, Owen watching cartoons, Olivia chewing on her arm! ;O)

 I had SO much fun taking pictures of Olivia in the tub tonight.  There is nowhere else in the house that I can get such good shots of her amazing eyes!!



Believe it or not, there were some other photos I had edited with the intention of posting, but, decided to be good and remove a few! ;O)  She's just so darn cute!!!

Since I had my camera handy, figured I better get "Brother" in on the action.  Somehow he's harder to get to cooperate than the 3 month old...figure that one out!  Still one good looking little dude though! ;O)

 He asked if he could do a goofy face...really?  That wasn't what the previous 40 pictures had been?  I guess I should be thankful that this wasn't how all the shots looked!!!

This one's not spectacular, but, very typical expression of our little monkey.  He's such a sweetheart with his sister.  I even had a lady at Lowes come up to me the other day and tell me how cute he was with Olivia.  She said she could tell he really loved her.  I know he's good with her, but, I guess I take it for granted most of the time.  So, it was nice to be reminded how lucky we are to have a big brother like Owen!