Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Back!

All of our visitors are officially gone now, but for some reason things haven't seemed to slow down much. I noticed I haven't even taken any pictures of our little munchkin lately! Owen has been on a picture taking kick however, and is actually getting pretty good. Here's a picture he took of himself last night...I thought it was kind of cute! Shawnie is going to give us her old digital camera so that he can have one of his own. It will be interesting to see what kind of skills he has as an adult after having the advantage of beginning photography so early!

We just finished making Uncle Doc a chocolate cake for his Happy Day party tonight. Owen was watching cartoons and wasn't much help this time, but he sure was good at cleaning up! ;O)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!! Ours is turning out to be sunny and fall is in full swing here! I am loving it!!! ;o)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Must Be a Boy Thing

This is what my son wore all day long on Monday. His jammie shirt from the night before, his dinosaur underwear, and his dinosaur boots. Hey, I guess his underwear matched his boots at least! That's something!!! ;O)

Owen's Baby

Owen loved Karissa, even on the first day they were here, they went to lunch with Jade's cousin and Owen and I stayed behind so he could take a nap. Owen was devastated and cried for 10 minutes for "Owen's baby". It was so cute!!
We found these jammies at Costco, they have the cutest monkey on both of them! We thought they'd make a cute picture of the two kiddos, but, you couldn't really see the monkeys when I tried to take the picture. Well, not the ones on the jamies anyway!! ;O)

Owen loved helping with Karissa, especially feeding her. Earlier in the day, he'd gotten frustrated trying to put her sock back on. She kept wiggling while he tried to catch her foot and he kept saying "no baby" until he finally got fed-up and threw the sock on her belly. It was hilarious!
This is just a shot of Shawn and I with RuthAnne and the kids. We really miss her and personally, I can't wait for an excuse to go back to Butte and see them again. They would almost make Butte a tolerable place to live! ;O)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Owen and Chocolate

Once again, I've gotten behind...seems like a new theme with me!! We just had our last visitors of the weekend this summer, RuthAnne and Jade stopped for the weekend on their way through to New Stuyahok (just outside of Dillingham) with their 6 month old baby girl, Karissa. I'm hoping now, we'll have a chance to catch-up on all we didn't get a chance to do this summer including sleep! ;O)

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. Owen and I made cupcakes for Uncle Bill's birthday and we tested them out to make sure they were o.k. before we headed out to visit him! Notice, Owen helped clean the bowl (there's batter all over his neck!). Owen definitely shares my opinion on chocolate...I think that's one of the few things he got from me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Banket Mommy, Banket"

So, Owen had been playing in the garage while I sat on the couch watching through the door. He has his wheelbarrow and tricycle in there, so its not unusual for him to go in there and tinker around just like his dad does! Anyway, earlier, he had been carrying around a blanket and I hadn't paid much attention. But, he came in from the garage and started begging for his "banket" that happened to be washed and folded on the top of the dryer. It took me a while, I thought he was asking for "bacon" which is weird, he never asks for food unless its "cany" or "chocate"! ;O) Long story short, he took me into the garage to show me why he needed the blanket...Max was going "night, night"!!! He'd covered Max up with the blanket on his bed in the garage!! I told Owen I wanted a picture and not to touch it. When I got back he was busy covering Max up better and telling him that "mommy take picture". He just cracks me up!!! He's got a cold and chicken pox are going around the daycare, so we are watching him pretty close. But, despite the cold, he's in a really good mood and full of energy...unlike his mom!!! Hope you are all having a good week!! Mine will be short as Owen and I took a sick day today, but I guess I will tough out the last 2 days.

Poor Max...what dog puts up with this kind of abuse!! Look how his eyes are begging for help! He's such a good little dog, I'm so glad Owen has him.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So, Owen's been running around with these guns telling the dogs to "freeze" for quite some time. But, the other day I was just sitting at the counter minding my own business when Owen walked up and yelled "Hands Up Mommy!". I have no idea where that came from, but it was shocking!! Shortly afterwards, he walked out on the porch spun on his heels and came back in and told me "Shew, it is hot outside!". It has been nice and sunny, but only about 65 degrees. He never ceases to amaze us with his vocablulary lately.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Max Puts Up With Too Much...

So, the last few days, Owen has been a dancing fool. He was hollering at me from around the corner, "I dancing mommy"....and this is what I found...

He was sitting on Max dancing and attempting to snap to the song that was on the radio. Poor Max!!
When I got out the camera, Owen proceeded to pose for the camera and then run over to see the picture. He just cracks me up.

Playground Time...

So, Dave has been gone way too long and its been really hard on Owen since everyone kind of left about the same time. I've been trying to keep him busy and his mind off of his dad. But, he's given up sleeping pretty much all together now which makes it even tougher!! I took him to the playground the other day and tried to wear him down to exhaustion.

This photo was really back-lit, so I tried to mess with it some. That's why the funky colors...

This one is pretty self-explanatory....he's been a bit of a ham lately....

This is the sledding hill that I talked him into running up and down...he thought it was fun, but it seemed to do the trick!!! He took an awesome nap and then was up all night again...
Dave comes home tonight and not a minute too soon! ;O) I am worn out!!!