Saturday, July 20, 2013

Miss Livi...

I should be working...I have reports due at the end of the month and am SO behind.  I don't blame me however, the company I contract for bought out the next largest company in Cook Inlet, but, doesn't see fit to hire additional people.  I still can't figure out how that works!!

Anyway, when I'm under pressure and up against a deadline, I tend to take photos, and I am LONG overdue.  Dave's parents were here for a month and I took full advantage of their willingness to babysit to get extra hours in at work.  That doesn't leave much time for picture taking!

I didn't do a full "shoot", just some snapshots and I only edited a few of them.  I have lots from Owen's soccer camp and games I need to post.  Hopefully, I can talk his Papa into providing some of his amazing shots too!

In Loving Memory...

Dave's Granny passed away suddenly this past week.  We are all broken hearted, the world lost a beautiful, loving woman, but, I'm sure she's in Heaven now watching over her family.

Dave and I had planned to visit her in Oklahoma next year some time when Olivia was big enough to endure the long plane ride.  I'm just devastated that they never got to meet, the two are a lot alike...tough and hard headed! ;O)  She is already greatly missed.