Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

Owen lost his third and fourth teeth last month.  I wanted to get shots of him with his missing teeth before the new ones come back in and figured that since we were already on a roll, we might as well do it today!!  He starts hockey 

Second Round...

 O.k., my editing is super inconsistent and my clouds need work.  But, thought I'd post the second try at it anyway! ;O)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

It's not Easter you say?  It is when you are this far behind!!!  I HAD to do this bunny rabbit pose with Liv and I still want to do the kids together.  So, here's round 1...there will be more! ;O)  I didn't spend much time editing these.  I want to take the creases out of the backgrounds and add some clouds.  But, that will have to be done later.

Here's my first stab at clouds...I think I kind of love them if I could get the kinks worked out!

Do all "Fashion" models have to put up with this kind of super model fans!!! ;O)  My furry kids love to be in the middle of the pics, drives me nuts!!

Here's a shot of my crew...what would I do without him! ;O)

This is by FAR my favorite shot! ;O)


Little Monkey...

Just a couple snapshots today.  My Mom, Will, and Shawn upgraded me to CS6 for my birthday...woohoo...now, I just have to relearn EVERYTHING! ;O)  That's why my pictures are so blurry.  Photoshop eliminated the need to manually reduce the images for blogging, so, when I do, it pixilates the snot out of them!  Anyway, I think I've got it figured and they should improve from here on out.  These are still a little off though I see.  Sorry!!

Unlike the rest of the normal world, we are encouraging our 1 year old to take a pacifier still these days.  She sucks her fingers constantly lately.  The molar that was pushing up before seems to have subsided, but, she still seems to be in pain.  Anyway, this was an especially bad day, but, thought she was too cute not to take some photos.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Evolution of Man...

Alright, so, maybe this isn't quite the picture printed in textbooks, but, it's the way Olivia does things!!  I've been meaning to post how her crawling/walking has progressed and just now found the time.  She had the funniest crawl, people always commented on it, it was kind of embarassing!!  Unlike every other baby I've ever seen, she didn't see any reason to be on her hands and knees.  Let me tell you, one pant leg was always filthy from her dragging it along the floor and it didn't do her shoes any good either, they were always all scuffed up.  But, unlike the rest of those babies that follow the rules...she had one hand free to carry around whatever she so desired!!  Not too stupid if you think about it! :O)

February 11, Day 1, FINALLY Crawling!!!

Day 2 and until she decided to walk

May 8 Walking!!!

June 6th...although she figured how to walk on May 8th, it wasn't until Memorial Day weekend she finally decided to actually walk as a mode of transportation and only after I put her in the squeaky shoes her Aunt Shawn bought her!

Now of course, she's quite the expert.  But, had to show you all the stages it took to actually get there.  We thought she might never walk!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Owen had a very busy soccer season.  He was in a summer soccer club for 7 weeks which met on both Mondays and Tuesdays and he participated in a week long soccer camp.  His Papa took lots of great pictures at the camp and sent them to Dave, as soon as he forwards I will share. 

These are some I took on the last day of his soccer club where the kids got to play a game against their dads'.  Dave is in the black shirt with a big circle on the back and Owen is in red.

I should have taken the telephoto lens, this one kept wanting to focus on the ground in front of me instead of out where the kids were, but, I think you get the jest!! 
 Don't know what happened here, but, this shot cracked me up!

And what's a post without pictures of our little peanut.  This is a real short video, but, you can't imagine how many comments I get about her soccer skills...in this particular video, she's got a mouth full of cookie and was only half interested in the ball.

Dave's parents got to attend about half of Owen's games and my mom, Will, and Little Will made it for the final game.  Mom is always good to grab my camera when I'm off doing other things and getting shots I'd otherwise miss.