Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Busy Bee

People often ask me what I do all day since I have 4-day weekends every week. It really irritates me, but when I stop to think about it to respond, I can't think of any accomplishments. This week I had been thinking about that a lot....I ran around like a maniac cleaning up one mess after another. Thats when it occurred to me why I have nothing to show for my "long" weekends (some longer than others I can tell ya!). Owen has learned in the past few weeks to push the kitchen stools around which aren't stable and shouldn't hold his weight, in order to gain access to the upper cupboards. In the five minutes it took me to gather up the garbage Tuesday afternoon, he pushed a stool over, got on the counter, and emptied the last half of the bottle of bubbles in his bubble gun all over the kitchen. A couple days before that, he used permanent marker to color from the bottom of his feet to the top of both thighs while his dad sat next to him on the computer. This particular day, I was in my scrapbook room, so he busied himself with unwrapping my ribbon.....I did catch him befor he made it downstairs with it though!! That was my accomplishment for the day for all of those that want to know what I did all day!!! ;O)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

4-26-09: Sorry I've been so behind on these lately. Owen's been a handful on top of all we've had going on. We're planning to work in the yard all this weekend. But, I am looking forward to at least being home and hopefully letting him play outside the whole time to run off some of this extra energy he's been storing up all winter!! I took this picture to remind me that despite his man-size messes, he's still just a baby. How cute is he when he's sleeping!!! I have this quote on one of his scrapbook pages by Ralph Waldo Emerson that is so fitting. He once said, "There never was a child so lovely, but his mother was glad to get him asleep." I think about that statement soooo often! Ralph was a wise man!! ;O)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Smiling

Our poor little man still doesn't feel good after missing all but a half day of daycare last week. His temp keeps going up and down and when its up, you can tell just by his disposition. We managed to make it to dinner at Brewhouse for Dave's birthday, but weren't able to do the movie we'd planned to see. It would have been way too much for Owen. When we got home Owen's temp spiked yet again and he was really whiney and lethargic, but that didn't stop him from wanting "bubbles" (thats what he calls baths) before we put him in bed. He has really fought taking a bath lately but some nights, like tonight, he insists on one. I wish I knew what he was thinking! Anyway, just thought I'd post some pictures so you all would know he was still up and kicking! ;o) Hope you are all enjoying your weekends!!! Owen and I are going to spend the day tomorrow laying-low while Dave goes out with some friends to shoot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Redoubt Update

4-16-09: Redoubt continues to vent steam with traces of ash continuously every day. But, today was the first day it was clear enough to see the mountain and its steam cloud from Anchorage since it first started erupting almost a month ago (March 22nd). It was so awesome!! It may have catastrophic consequences, but it sure is beautiful!! I didn't get any photos since I was at work, but I did steal this one off of the Volcano Observatory website. It was taken by Dennis Anderson at Cape Starichkof (approx. 5 mi. north of Anchor Point). Pretty incredible huh!!

When I Wasn't Looking!

4-14-09: Owen is not feeling good yet again. So, on Tuesday morning when I'd had all I could take with his whining and clingy attitude, I put him in our bed and turned a movie on for him. I was in another room enjoying a few peaceful moments when I suddenly got a terrible feeling about the "quiet". I decided there was nothing my "innocent" little boy could have possibly gotten into to make it worth interrupting the peace, so I brushed the feeling off. A few minutes later I decided that I couldn't avoid it any longer and went in to check on him....this is what I found!!

He'd emptied an entire bottle of lotion all over himself and my bedroom floor. He was so pleased with himself too, until he saw me that is! I hope it was worth it!!! Thank goodness for the investment we made in a good shampooer years ago!!! ;O) He's still got this really horrible cough and has a slight temperature, so I'm going to stay home with him tomorrow and he was home with his dad today to "celebrate" the last day of Passover. So, hopefully, one more laying-low day will get him back to his old self.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bunny Aftermath! ;O)

For Easter, our Aunt Laurie brought Owen 3 boxes of different peeps. He just had to try one on Monday and it was all I could do to get him to wait until after lunch. He chose the blue bunny Peeps and took a good bite. It wasn't exactly what he'd hoped for apparently because he gave the remainder to Max who also wouldn't eat it! ;o) I think he was a little disappointed after waiting so long! That is, until I showed him how we could make smores out of them and his chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny brought! He got a huge kick out of watching the bunny grow in the microwave and thoroughly enjoyed his first smore! Now, the Peeps are looking pretty good!! Afterwards, we went outside to play and use his giant bubble wand that he got in his basket. However, the bubbles didn't last long after he "I help"ed them all over his mother!!! So, we dug out his battery operated bubble blower and he chased the littler bubbles all over the yard, well at least the driveway. It snowed here all Easter day and night. It was in the high 30s during the day, but apparently dropped below freezing as we had a couple inches in the driveway when we woke up. It hid the mid 40s by Monday afternoon and melted it off the driveway, but we still have a good foot or so in the yard. I'm looking forward to the day when its all gone, but we have so much work to do still on this yard, its kind of a catch 22!!! Hope you are all having a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Good morning! We've had a great Easter already today and hope you are all enjoying yours. Yesterday, Shawn came over and helped Owen dye Easter eggs. Owen is really into all of it this year and was especailly excited when he saw that the Easter Bunny brought him a basket full of toys and hid eggs full of candy all over the living room! He loved the egg hunt, but loved eating the candy every time an egg popped open even more. He's definitely at a really fun age now and we sure enjoy him!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What is he thinking...

This morning Owen dug his Crocs out of the closet that are about 3 sizes too small and insisted I put them on him. He wore them most of the morning and refused to take them off for his nap. He just cracks me up and I wish I knew what was going on in his head sometimes!! My mom always tells me to "pick my battles" and I had to keep reminding myself of that. After his nap I took a couple of pictures of him in his pedal car that my dad and Mitzi sent up for him and had to share his foot wear with all of you. Those have to hurt!! We bought them for him when we went to Hawaii over a year ago now!

Spring is on its Way...

4-4-09: It's finally starting to warm up here!!! Well, at least its been just above freezing all weekend and sunny-that's something! Dave took Owen out to chip the ice on the driveway earlier in the day and later I took him out to drive his jeep that his Uncle Will left for him. He's been sitting in it in the garage all winter, but he hasn't had it out to drive around since last fall. But, boy what a difference a few months make!! Last time he drove it he'd stomp on the gas pedal and then abruptly take his foot off. This caused an extreme wiplash reaction that he'd repeat continuously until he'd get upset and frustrated and climb out. Usually we'd be half way down the road by then and I'd have to push the jeep all the way home! But, not this year!!! He has the pedal to the floor and a huge grin on his if only he'd steer!

Redoubt Update: We had a huge eruption on Saturday that released a lahar (mud flow) down Drift River. The good news is we still weren't affected by the ash. The bad news is that the mud flow impacted Chevron's Drift River Facility. It's the last stop in Chevron's pipeline system where the tankers pick-up the fuel. Therefore, Chevron has had to stop production and I've been warned that it will make finances even tighter around the Anchorage office and most likely force layoffs of the contractors. This coming week will be interesting... In the mean time, while Redoubt continues to erupt continuously, they've downgraded the warning level to Orange. So, hopefully, the worst is over.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sneak Peek of Easter!

Despite fighting yet another head cold, Owen and I managed to drag ourselves into town this morning to have his Easter/2-year photos done. This is a second attempt at just a plain shot that I'd consider his 2-year, the first was at Christmas when I unknowingly tried to get his pictures taken while he was suffering from a double ear infection-oops ;O)! As you can see from his photo above, I wouldn't say this trip was any more successful, but we did get some cute Easter shots. It's just too much to expect I guess, we'll have to rethink it and possibly make another trip in just for a generic photo later. Anyway, here's some of the shots we did manage to get, hope you guys enjoy them!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Face Lift!

I don't have any pictures for today. We had major reports due yesterday, so this week has been a bit stressful and spent at work. I came home early from work today though because I'm sick yet again!! On the way home, I grabbed Owen from daycare and attempted to put him down for his nap in hopes of getting one myself. Apparently, that wasn't what he had in mind. So, I've been playing with this blog to spice it up some while I wait for him to cry himself to sleep. As you can see, it took a while today!! This may be a little much, but it was so much fun!!! If you have or are interested in starting your own blog, you have to check out!!! I'm having Owen's 2-year/Easter photos done tomorrow morning, so I will definitely have more pictures to add tomorrow.

Volcano Update: The volcano has continued to erupt on a smaller scale continuously since last Saturday. According to the AVO, the eruptions are causing small amounts of steam and ash to be released, but the plumes are staying at low elevations preventing us from getting any additional fall far anyway!! ;o)