Friday, October 18, 2013

Picture Day...

I wanted to make sure and do a "shoot" with Liv while she was still officially 18 months old.  So, I was setting up the background and lights when Owen walked into the room.  He HATES to get his picture taken, but, hates it worse that I would take Olivia's and not his!  Men!!! ;O)  He's in cub scouts now and got to go on a "Go See" to the fire station last night.  You'd think he'd gone to the moon, he has been ecstatic about the experience and wanted his picture taken with his fire "Chief" hat.  He cracks me up!!  But, he makes a pretty handsome "Chief" if I do say so myself!!

Live was particularly uncooperative as was her hair today.  I edited these in color, but, forgot to save, so, I will have to try again later.  I will try the shoot over again too on a day her brother is at school and I can get her full attention...and maybe her hair will have calmed down! ;O)