Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hockey Game

Dave and Shawnie finally had an early game tonight so Owen and I went to watch.  My pics didn't all turn out so hot, but, hopefully, you get the idea...

These two are a little blurry...Dave hurried me on this one!  Hopefully we'll have a chance to get one with Dave again this season, otherwise, Dave's going to have to gear-up at home!  That will teach him to hurry me!!!

This one's blurry too, but, it was still funny...Melanie stuffed her two kids into their dad's bag and Owen into Dave's.  They were supposed to lay still until their dads opened them in the locker room.  All 3 were so wiggly, both guys figured it out!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lost Sledding Pics...

I just emptied my other camera and found some more pictures of a sledding day in December...back when the snow was better for it!  Owen's kind of a dare devil and loves to go down on his belly.

But, his favorite is when he gets to sled with his dad.  Here they were still trying to pack the snow down, so, it's hard to tell that they were actually moving!

Shawn got Owen a snowmachine sled for his birthday and he MUCH prefers it to the real thing!!

Snow Days...

So, after coming to the realization that I have yet to take any pictures this month, I decided to do a little "shoot" that I've been meaning to do for quite some time.  Owen was less than fact, you'd think he was a crack baby the way he wiggled!!  Anyway, this was the best I could do...we'll try again when I get the footprints mounted onto one sheet of paper.  Can you believe how big that foot of his is now!!

We've had a ton of snow since Thursday...I would guess we are up to close to a foot and it's coming down hard again today.  It's almost a welcome site, we've had a month of temps hovering right around zero...that gets old really quick!!  So, with temps in the balmy 20s, we headed out to play...Im still working on my photography skills thanks to Kelby Training, but, my lighting has at least improved!  I have to review my notes, but, I think I had it on a setting meant for landscape type photos, so, everything is a bit blurry for my taste...I guess I'll have to keep practicing, Owen will be thrilled! ;O)

The dogs love to play in the snow, but, they especially love it when we come out to play with them.  Here's Daisy taking a snow bath...where's her head you wonder, it's somewhere under the snow...she cracks me up!

It's so hard to capture how warm and loving Max's little face truly is in a picture.  Every time you bring the camera out, he seems to tense up.  Outside, it's even hard to get any pictures of him because he moves so fast (talk about a polar opposite to Daisy...hehe)!!  Anyway, here he is with his nose under the snow taking a break with me.  Those eyes are almost the same color of the snow!

I made Dave take this shot of me and the pups after they'd worn themselves out and were relaxing with me.  I'm totally thrilled with this picture...I just love my little fur babies!! ;O)  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Few Pictures!

I just found out that the server that holds the blog background I was using is getting moved this month and for whatever reason, the background is no longer available.  I'm so bummed!!  It was such cute owls!!  I haven't found anything I love, so, I settled on this fall background.  I'll keep watching for something better.

In the meantime, I figured I'd better post some photos.  But, can you believe I haven't taken any since the beginning of the year!!  Things have gotten hectic at work and most of what's left of my free time has been spent on the Kelby Training website learning new stuff about my camera and the professional version of Photoshop that I got recently (thanks to Big Will!).  So, hopefully, when I do start taking some photos, the quality will be much improved!!

Anyway, onto the photos....this is the only shot I took of Owen Christmas morning!  Can you believe it? I got too busy helping him unwrap.  He was so excited that santa ate his cookie and drank his milk, we had trouble getting him excited about the gifts.  He's so funny.  We still haven't sold him on the snowmachine, but, the train table that santa brought was a big hit and has minimized a lot of work on our part of setting up the tracks!

I think the dogs enjoyed Christmas most of all...they crack me up!

For New Years, Jose and Vanessa brought their kiddos over along with a TON of fireworks.  The municipality made an exception this year and allowed them within city limits on New Years Eve.  Owen loved it despite his serious look! 

Just a couple stories for you...the first one happened today.  I let Owen out with the dogs into the backyard to play in the new snow (we got around 4 inches today).  I shut the door and thought to myself how nice it was that I could feel safe putting them all out without constant supervision.  I checked back a few minutes later to find the mother and baby moose that hangs out in our neighborhood less than 10 feet from Owen and Daisy on the other side of the now 4 foot chain link fence (thanks to a hill on the neighbors side and the packed snow it was probably even less than that).  I about had a heart attack.  I hollered for Owen to come in and he and Daisy did start walking towards the house, but, neither were in a hurry.  I screamed for Max and he came bolting up from the opposite side of the yard...I have no idea what he was doing exactly.  I asked Owen what he was thinking standing so close to the moose and he informed me he was telling them that they were naughty because they were tearing up the tree (aka eating the bark).  He's been scolded at school apparently and was none too happy that the moose weren't following the rules!!  I shook for ever after that one...guess I didn't take into account moose when I let them all out!!!  The moose must not have been too upset, Daisy was right with Owen, but didn't seem to even know the moose were there and as soon as Owen started walking towards me, both moose laid down and hung-out for quite a while right in the same spot.

O.k., so, onto Dave's story from the other day....I asked Owen to clean his room and after he got started I went to take a shower.  Dave checked in on him every now and then and eventually, Owen told Dave that he was done.  But, when he went in to verify, Dave found one more thing that needed cleaned-up and called Owen back to the room.  Owen came in and after his dad pointed out the mess, Owen let out a heavy sigh and said, "O.k., one more time, you ask me again, I spank your butt".  How's that for turning the tables!!