Monday, June 14, 2010

We're Back!

I have a bunch of pictures to share from our weekend in Fairbanks, but figured I better get these photos from last week posted first!!! Owen went through a phase where he insisted on taking his helmet to bed with him at night...I don't know why. Anyway, eventually, he decided he needed to wear it too. The helmet suddenly "disappeared" one night right after that, but, not before I got this picture....doesn't he crack you up! I wish I could read his mind sometimes!!

This was just a shot on the porch one morning when we were goofing around with the camera. I love his little grin!

Hope you are all having a great week! We're SO glad to be home! I feel bad for Dave having to go straight back to work. Owen and I are barely up and around this morning. There's no way you could have pried me out of bed at 6!!

I'll try to download and post the pictures from Fairbanks later today.


We had such a good weekend in Fairbanks.  Although, I do remember now why we don't drive the 5-6 hours very often...there's really nothing there that we don't have here and nothing but trees between!!!!  Dave had a blast at his shoot though and Owen and I had fun fishing and playing neon put-put.  The weather was miserable, it was a weird humid cold and rained the majority of the time.  But, there were a few breaks here and there, so we got to be outside enough of the time.  I have tons of photos, so, be prepared! ;O)

We fished at Chena River while Dave was shooting.  Owen was so serious about it and shocked we didn't get a fish! ;O)  Of course, he was using his "Cars" pole with a tire for bait!  It was best though as he threw the line behind him more than in front!

It rained for an hour and a half straight during Dave's shoot, so they were all pretty soaked.  But, Dave was definitely the least prepared!!   Even his shirt was soaked through.
We stopped at Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland) on Saturday night.  It was drizzling and really cold, so we did everything in a hurry.  But, we got to ride the train and it totally made Owen's whole weekend.

The park outside was almost just as fun too...
Isn't this fish hilarious.  Owen thought this was great.  When he saw the picture today, he told me it was a naughty fish...he cracks me up.

We stopped at one last rest stop on our way home and took a last few pictures.  Owen did amazing on the drive back and forth.  The stay in Fairbanks was pretty rough, but, he was really lacking sleep.  We had to move rooms on Friday night at 10:30 because of a wedding reception that was blasting music.  So, he didn't get to sleep until 11 and we had to be up around 6 the next morning to get Dave to his shoot on time.