Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend Continued...

The weather was so bad over the holiday weekend that it really put a damper on too much outside fun.  Sunday we decided to kill some time and run into town to see the 3D version of Toy Story.  Owen loved it, but, I thought it was kind of dark and sinister for a kids movie!!  I definitely don't intend to buy it as I don't want to have to watch it over and over again....I'll get nightmares from this one for sure!!!  That baby was SOOO creepy!!  Who thinks this stuff up!

Monday the sun came out of nowhere and it was downright hot!!  Dave and I jumped on the opportunity and attempted to get the fence stained.  It was a total disaster starting with the color!!!!  I picked it, which just makes it worse!  I thought it was the same color that we used on our old house...brown with red hues.  Not so much...more like red, with red hues!!

Owen helped us out and took the whole thing very seriously.

Unfortunately, Dave and I lost track of time (as the fence took freaking FOREVER!!) and Owen eventually got sick of painting in the heat.  He went inside and watched a movie while Dave and I finished (not really...finished the bucket of stain anyway).  This is how Dave found him when he went in to check on him!!  The pillowcase in his lap, by the way, is the "super hero cape" that he insisted on taking with him when he and Dave went shopping earlier that morning!! ;O)  I don't know if Dave talked him out of taking it inside the stores or not!!!

This is me wrapping up the last of the bucket of stain....Dave helped by taking pictures....  Later, I decided to head to the store before making a huge effort to clean-up because I knew I'd crash and not get my errands done if I showered and/or sat down at all.  It wasn't until after I got home (4 cashiers and a whole lot of looks later) that I realized that I looked like I had just beat the living snot out of someone and was covered in their blood.  The stain is just about the same shade as dry blood and I had it splattered EVERYWHERE!!!  Even when I took my pants off to shower later that night, I mistakenly thought I had cut myself when I saw stain on my leg.    That's how similar to blood it looked!  Oops...hehe...maybe should have at least scrubbed it off my face or tried to explain to the unusally quiet cashiers that kept staring at me!!

New Visitors...Or at Least One New Visitor!

Owen and I were heading down the stairs one morning this weekend and guess who we saw in the neighbors yard!!!  A baby moose!!!  We ran to the window and saw that of course, momma moose was right there with her!!  I grabbed my camera and tried to open the door to get a better shot, but, momma wasn't having it and came stomping up our driveway (not fast, just forcefully!) to get between me and baby.  But, she relaxed when I shut the door and started drinking out of the puddles in our driveway.  So, baby came over to check out what she was doing.  Isn't she a cutie (I think it's a she anyway), she was so nosey and in no hurry to leave.  

They seemed so comfortable here in our neighborhood that it made me think momma had been here before.

In fact, I'm wondering if she's the same momma that came by in the winter of 2008 with her little boy to eat the pumpkins we'd left out for them after Halloween.  The same little boy that charged up on my 2-foot, lighted, faux spruce moose and head-butted him while his mom was eating!!!  (My moose has never been the same!!)  I hope so anyway, we haven't seen either one of them since then and I'd like to think they are both doing well.  Plus, this new baby seems to have a very strong "little man syndrome" type personality just like the last one!! ;O)

Hope you are all doing well!!  I'm looking forward to having another week down this month.  I'll be glad when August rolls around!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend...

We had a busy weekend over the holiday!!!  Friday Dave got off work early, so, Owen, Grandma, and I met in him in Palmer for lunch.  We had a good time, but, while Gram and I were grocery shopping, Dave fought to get Owen down for a nap to no avail.  So, it was kind of a rough evening.  

Saturday, we headed north to meet up with Geoff, Jenna, Mark, and Lynne for a little fishing.  Everyone was still waking up by the time we got out there.  So, Geoff met us and the boys tried out a few different lakes.  Here's Owen in his camping gear...I was worried about him hooking himself since this was his first time out with the real thing.  But, changed my mind at the last minute and didn't put a helmet and googgles on him!  Yes, that was really my initial first!  ;O)  It was raining so, he had a hood on anyway and we made him keep his glasses on.  We figured that was probably sufficient.  Actually, it was really those of us around him that should have been more prepared!!!  

Here's a very serious shot of Dave out in his full-on waders, despite the fact that there was no sign of life on that lake!!  Well, that's not entirely true, we did see the cutest little beaver paddling around.  He was so nosy and even swam over the top of Dave's line!

Here's Geoff in a very picturesque was cold and rainy and I was really bored, so, we had a few extra photos than we may have gotten otherwise! ;O)

We headed back to the camp site on Nancy Lake after coming up empty handed and the boys borrowed Mark's boat.  They had a lot more luck out there and Owen "caught" his first fish!  He was SO excited and told us how "big" they all were. 

After they got back to the campsite, we had dinner with everyone and Mark worked the last bit of energy right out of Owen...literally!  In the middle of dinner Owen told us that he "tan't eat any more" and then insisted on making this super obnoxious noise.  I scolded him for it and threatened to put him in the truck, but, he continued.  So, Dave tried, still the same response.  Dave finally put him in the truck, with no tears or arguments from Owen, and he went right to sleep.  It was so funny!!  It was like that noise he was making was all that was keeping him awake and he just couldn't stop!!  I think he was actually glad to have been put down where it was warm and quiet!! It was all we could do to wake him back up later when we got on the road again!!!