Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm SO way behind its frustrating, so, this is a picture heavy post!

Here's our boys on the ice, Dave is an assistant coach this year.

We had a birthday party for Owen's big 7 and got this shot of him with his cousins.  They crack me up!  Both little ones look thrilled, don't they!!

 Owen wanted to decorate the cake himself.  It's a red ninja attacking a ghost...don't ask...;O)
 We did a few fun things for Owen's birthday/Christmas this year.  We went to the Nutcracker and the Cirque Dreams Christmas show.  We also took the "Holiday Train" from Anchorage to Indian.  It was fun, but, not all we hoped for.  I think maybe once was enough! ;O)

Owen's class performed a song at the Holiday Concert at School.  I put a red triangle on Owen's blue shirt (Lower right) to help identify him, not sure it helped though!

This is just a goofy shot I took of Liv trying to make adjustments to the camera.  Her expression kills me in this one, even though her face is a mess...she somehow wiped blue marker from her hands to her face and then cried so it ran down her face...again, don't ask!! ;O)

Crouse Christmas and the cousins enjoying a movie and some cookies.  Don't those little ones crack you up with their matching crossed feet!
 One posed shot of the three of them.  It wasn't easy this year!!

Some cookie decorating at Owen's request who did three and then wanted to quit....ummm, no!

Liv insisted on helping decorate one of her own and then was livid when I didn't want her to eat it.  I caved so she'd quit screaming while we were working, but, as you can see, she was still angry!  Man this kid is opinionated!!

Our finished masterpieces!  Yes they are all the same shape and yes I have a million shapes I could have chosen, but, this isn't my first round of cookies that Owen "wanted" to make.  So, I knew better than to get creative....I'd be spending hours alone decorating if it took any longer or required any additional creativity!!

Christmas Day!  Liv loved the book from her cousin Madeline and wasn't too interested in opening anything else.

Dave got a Kindle Paper White and I haven't seen him since....

Just for comparison sake, this is our Christmas photo from last year!! Look how much our little chunker has grown in one year!  I think she's gaining on Owen!!

Olivia got a Kitty Cat from her Grandma/Grandpa Smith and her Auntie Shawn.  We weren't sure what to expect, but, took it up to ride with her cousin Blake on New Year's day.  She looks upset, but, this is just a serious face.  Between her and Blake, they wore all of us out!  They aren't ready to run the controls themselves, but, LOVED sledding.  Owen took each of them around on his 120 when he got sick of riding the smaller machine until he too got wore out.

 And just think this is too hilarious not to share.  If we give Liv a snack and don't put her at the table to eat it, this is where she ends up of her own choosing...on the dog bed...with the dogs!  She's such a goofball!