Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trimming the Tree...

O.k., so this will be the last post for tonight...we're off to do some skating.  But, thought I'd share this last one with you...I tried to get both dogs in with the boys, but, Max decided it was a great opportunity for a belly rub.  Those are his legs sticking out the side!! ;O)

First (and Hopefully Last) Skate Recital...

O.k., so if ever there was a time that I was glad I didn't have a girl, it was last weekend!!!  We sat through 2 hours of figure skating performances....yuck!!  It's one thing to watch your kid, it's a whole other to watch 2 minutes of your child and an hour and 58 minutes of everyone else's!!!  We would have left after Owen's routine was over, but, we stayed to watch Charlee who put on quite a show and so that Owen and Dave could skate afterwards. 

Isn't Owen the cutest little skating Rudolph you've ever seen??? :O)  

Missed some...

Just found a few more already edited...this is Owen and Dave playing Rock Band.  Owen loves to do the drums and has pretty good rhythm!  He takes it SO seriously!  We plan to get him into some guitar lessons this spring/summer.  Just have to find a good teacher.

Owen needed some reindeer antlers for his skating recital.  He was a little more thrilled with them then I had hoped and insisted on wearing them home from the store.  A little while later, I came around the corner to find this....poor dog!!!  Of course, I had to take pictures before I put her out of her misery! ;O)

Some Miscellaneous Shots...

I've been editing photos here and there, but, I am SO, here's a few in an attempt to catch-up...

Daisy insists on getting behind the curtain as much as possible.  Doesn't she crack you up?

I was messing around with Owen after we got home from his photo shoot at Sears and snapped these pics.  How'd we end up with such a cutie pie! ;O)

Some shots from Owen's skate lessons...I have pictures from their recital last weekend yet to be edited.  (Owen's in orange with a white helmet)

Back to Photoshopping...

Lunar Eclipse...

Dave set-up his tripod in the driveway on Monday and braved the cold to get some shots of the eclipse.  They turned out pretty awesome, so, I thought I'd share.  Owen got a big kick out of it and got to stay up until the moon was about half-way obscured.  We're pretty lucky to get to see it, the eclipse only happens once every 400 years!














Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday To You....

We finally got to have Owen's birthday this past weekend.  He seemed to have a lot of fun.  Owen picked a Cars theme and it worked out really well.  For the kids party, I sent them home with a goodie bag and a cupcake in one of those fun Cars tins that Target happen to have in their dollar bins.  The cupcake fit perfect!  I was really proud of myself for that idea! ;O)

The kid's portion was at a gymnastics gym in town.  They had this foam pit thing that the kids couldn't get enough of.  It was really funny to watch them try to move around in it!

I think Owen would have been happy doing nothing else!

The second room in the gym had these two long trampolines.  The kids loved running up and down on them.  We had fun, but, it wasn't at all like I had anticipated.  In the past (and how it was portrayed in the description on their website), a coach was supposed to take them from equipment to equipment and kind of show them how to use it and instigate different games.  Our "coach" sat on her rear and texted on her phone the whole time while the kids had a free for all.  Fortunately, all the parents there were hands-on and the kids had a good time regardless!

We went home and had pizza and cake with the family.  It was nice to have a break from so many kiddos, Owen had 8 friends show to his party!  You could tell he was super overwhelmed though because around 6pm he asked to go to bed and watch t.v..  He went upstairs and never came back down while the rest of us visited!!  That's so not like him, he's usually such a social bug!!

I have lots more photos to post, just have to sort through them.  Hope you all have a happy Friday!