Monday, May 25, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free....

I just got back from taking my Grandma home in Palmer and wanted to make sure and post these, especially for my mom. I think this is the first year since my grandpa died in 1987 that she wasn't able to make it out to see his grave on Memorial Day. We didn't stay for the service this year, although I regretted it when I saw the schedule...there wasn't a politician speaking this year, I don't ever remember a year when at least one of them didn't make an appearance! I have a hard time with the whole thing anyway though. The service is conducted in almost exactly the same format as their funerals and even though I was just 9, I remember Grandpa's funeral like it was yesterday. For that reason, I have a really hard time with the 21 gun salute, the folding of the flag, and the trumpets playing "Taps". It's like reliving the funeral all over again every year.

Anyway, I try not to ever mention last names on here and in keeping with that, I blurred out the last names on the grave stones. I also don't really like taking photos at cemeteries, it reminds me of taking pictures at a funeral...just kind of creepy. But, I wanted mom to see that we did put artificial flowers on the graves for her, but I do have to say that I read a sign there that stated they will pull out all of the artificial flowers up next time they mow the grass. So, I still don't think they last any longer than the real ones do!

This headstone belongs to my Grandpa on my dad's side. He was killed in Vietnam and of course, Shawnie and I never got to know him. We definitely have heard lots of stories from dad and his brothers and sister though. From what I have understand, we lost out on a lot by not knowing him.
This one is my mom's dad's headstone. He made it home, but we didn't get enough time with him and all miss him very much.
We noticed several families standing near gravestones at the back of the cemetery today. That's where they bury the newly fallen, both the retired military that are fortunate enough to make it home and those that lose their lives in the war. I would guess however, based on those that were there, most were war casualties. It's hard to see the devastation, but also a cold reminder that this war isn't over and is still affecting those here at home.
On a slightly lighter note, it was truly beautiful out today with the temps right around mid-60 and not much wind at the cemetery like there is most days. Shawn wanted me to take a picture of Owen walking with his dad. It cracks her up that he puts his hand in his pocket when he walks. I truly believe he is 2 going on 40 some days! ;O) He was really good at the cemetery and although he doesn't get it yet, its really important to me that he knows how many heroes he has to look up to on both sides of our family!
This is just one last funny picture from our day. Shawnie put Owen's hat on Gram and I couldn't resist taking a picture. Grandma would kill me if she knew I posted this!! Fortunately for me, she still can't run her computer with the new Vista program on there! ;O)

Hope you are all enjoying your long Memorial Day weekend and had a chance to thank a Vet for your freedom today!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some More Pics Before My Work Week Starts...

Owen was something else today. I took a ton of photos of him today just because he was so goofy!!! We had another successful potty using day and hope it continues tomorrow after he goes back to daycare. We've been sitting him on the potty to do his business, but they have a miniature toilet and encourage the boys to stand-up. I'm not sure if that will be too intimidating for Owen after just mastering the whole potty situation, but I guess we will find out!!

He's so proud of himself for being a "Big Boy" that he's been extra good behavior wise for some reason and has pretty much had a big ol' grin ever since he first used the potty. He just cracks me up.

This is him watching cartoons early in the day. How cute is he! I swear, he looks like he's 2 going on 30 sometimes! ;O)

Later, he switched to the other living room and was watching a movie. Doesn't life look rough for him? The way he lays around just shocks me sometimes!

Last, but not least. Just a bit later, this was what he decided to do....put his wheelbarrow in his pedal car and try to sit in it. These are the times I think, really smart? We were able to potty train him in two days, but then he does something like this.... I really am scared for when he gets bigger, stronger, and more creative! Note that one leg is on the floor and the other is in the wheelbarrow!!! He was hollering "Skut, skut, skut" (that's how he says "stuck"), but when I came around the corner and saw what he was up to, I had to go back for my camera before I helped him out. I have soooo much blackmail for when he gets older!!

Owen and His Cars

Friday, May 15th: This was just another cute shot. Owen must have been especially well behaved that night for me to think he was cute enough for so many pictures!!! This is of him getting ready to sleep for the night...notice how we have to tuck him in....with a pile of Hotwheels cars!! We hear him in the morning "Vrmmm"ing!!! ;O)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a Sweet Shot....

Friday, May 15th: Owen wanted to stand in his bedroom window on Friday evening and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures because I know he won't be small enough to stand there for very much longer! He's got such a sweet little profile. I hate mine, so I know he didn't get it from me-shocking I know! ;O) We started potty training Friday after we got home. I spent somewhere around $60 on different kinds of training pants earlier that day, but didn't get them washed and dried before he had pretty much caught on to it!! Money well spent! ;o) We obviously could have started him a little earlier since it only took about 2 days.


Saturday, May 16th: The weather has been absolutely amazing since the 1st of May! We've had just 2 days of rain this month and the forecast is sunny skies through the rest of the week with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. We definitely couldn't have asked for better weather and we definitely couldn't need it more after the lack of a summer last year followed by a long hard cold winter!! It's certainly been great so far and I think we'll all be happy if the rest of the summer is exactly like our spring. With all the yard work we have to do and the fact that the lows still dip down just around freezing, we haven't ventured out to the campgrounds yet. But, we were invited by our cousin's (Geoff and Jenna) brother/sister in-law to hang out with them at the campground on Ft. Rich and check out their new motorhome. It was really nice and we enjoyed visiting with them. But, the highlight for Owen, was all the dogs!! I think there were 5 total, but I had trouble keeping track. Owen's all time favorite though is George, Geoff and Jenna's Pappion (sp?). The feeling seems mutual, surprisingly enough. George seems to stick close to Owen and tolerates quite a bit, especially for such a little guy. We're not sure if Owen enjoys Geoff and Jenna or George more!!! Unfortunately, we had to head home abruptly as Owen managed to go through 3 sets of clothes while we were there!!!! It was our second day of potty training and Owen managed to hold it for 10 hours!!!! Can we say hard head? Anyway, when he couldn't hold it any longer, it just kept coming!!! The next day he was far easier to convince to use the potty and we haven't had any trouble since....knock on wood....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Random Pictures...

I've been trying to make a point to take more pictures of Owen lately because it seems like weeks will go by and I will realize we have nothing of him. So, these are kind of random, but were all taken this past week.

I took this photo to send with a thank-you to Mitzi's mom. She embroidered that little owl-how cute is he!! I thought that was so sweet of her to think of our little "Hoot"!
Everyone keeps telling me that Owen is so much trouble becaues he's so smart. This is how I found him after he managed to unroll and tangle himself up with two rolls of ribbon. Really? Smart?...I just don't know if that's the first word that comes to mind when I think of him! ;O) This one's kind of self explanatory, Owen helped himself to Dave's safety vest and hard hat. The lighting is kind of bad with the window behind him, but I love his little expression!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Back With More Pictures!

It has been so beautiful these past couple of weeks, the last thing on my mind has been coming inside to post pictures!! We have only had one day of rain since May 1st and that was on one of the days I worked. All the rest of the days have been 60-65 and most were clear blue skies!!! If it stays like this the rest of the summer, I'd be a happy girl!! For those of you in the Lower 48 that forget, 65 for us is shorts weather and at 70 we're just down right baking!! ;O) The bike paths have been packed with people running, biking, and rollerblading and everyone not on the bike paths are out working in their yards every chance they get. You have to give it to us Alaskans, we definitely don't take beautiful "summer" weather for granted! Anyway, on to this kid....

Last Saturday (May 9th) was clean-up day for us in town. Owen and I dropped Dave off to clean-up Bragaw and the highway with Shawnie and the rest of the Granite crew, while we went on to the Valley of the Moon Park to clean up the park and help where we could with the creek that runs through it. This was the first clean-up day Owen was big enough to participate in and he had a blast. Unfortunately for the clean-up efforts, there were play areas all over the place!! ;O) We did manage to get a pretty good bag full before heading back to Granite for a barbeque.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is Officially Here!

We had such a beautiful weekend!!! Hope you all had as much sunshine as we did-it was between 65 and 70 the entire time. If the whole summer ends up like this weekend, I wouldn't complain a bit! We spent pretty much the entire weekend out working on the yard. Dave and his friend RD managed to get the gravel spread for the kennel and it looks awesome. We'd hoped to get the lot lines cleared and leveled for the fence, but the ground is still too wet and the bobcat kept getting stuck. They even managed to blow a tire trying to get out of one hole. We'll have to rent something else and try again later. I swear we're never going to get this yard done!!! I had a little more success working on the flower beds and moving the raspberries to a new area around the side of the house. Fingers crossed that I didn't kill everything!!!

Owen kept busy digging around in the dirt, playing on the gravel pile, blowing bubbles, and drawing with chalk on the driveway.
As you can see, he's invented a new Xtreme sport. He drags his wagon to the top of the gravel pile and then tries to ride it back down!!! Fortunately, we caught him before he did it on his own. He is such a dare devil!!
Owen totally dug being outside all day and wanted to help his dad do everything he was doing!! He loved riding in the bobcat and climbed all the way up into the cab before we noticed him while Dave was strapping it down to the trailer!!!! He has no fear and is super nosey, not a good combination!!
He was super exhausted by nap time both days. On Saturday, I had to bathe him before we put him down because he had mud from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet! Sunday he was especially exhausted and apparently too hot. He never sleeps without at least one blanket!! We ended the weekend with a trip to town and dinner at Shawn's. Dave was supposed to go with all of them to Airplane Expo thing, but we just didn't make it in time. Nobody won the airplane again this year!!! It's got to be our year one of these times!! :O) Hope you all have a really great week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Artsy Fartsy or Just Disconcerting?

So, Doug bought Owen an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head for his birthday this past December. Owen loves it and every once in a while, insists on taking it to bed with him. Well, the other day he brings him to me and points out all of Mr. Potato Heads body you see anything wrong with this picture?

I don't know to laugh or worry about Owen's mental stability!! He clearly knows what all the parts are, so I am not quite sure how this happened! I'm thinking instead of a little engineer, he may be a Picasso in the making!!! I realize this is goofy, I just laughed so hard, I thought you guys might get a kick out of it too.... ;O)