Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catching Up...

Ever get so tired and so relaxed that you fall asleep in the tub...Olivia does! :O)  She cracks me up.  She does this mostly when I run the water.  Just goes right to sleep.  These were taken a couple weeks ago, just forgot to post them.  Its the only time I can get naked baby pictures without her screaming through the photo shoot!!

This one was taken earlier the same day.  She had a rough one!  Just thought she looked extra sweet here with those pink cheeks.

I tried it again with the blanket from Kirsten and like the results.  I didn't get a whole lot, but, a few cute ones.

Just had to show that things haven't changed...Max is still the protector!  Although, he's torn between the two kids now!  Most people have to be conscious of not leaving their baby alone with a dog for fear of them getting bit...I have to be careful not to leave them alone together because Max would sit on her just to be closer.  Or worse yet, if she cries, he thinks its his job to lick her mouth until she's quiet...nice huh!
This isn't a great picture.  But, I was surprised to see our little monkey is close to holding her head up enough to sit in her Bumbo chair.  I can't wait...she loves to be right with me, so, this way it will be easier to keep her close when I'm cooking or playing on the computer!

These last two were taken yesterday.  I had the bedroom light on when I took this one, so, I couldn't fix the color.  But, thought she was cute anyway.

This one just cracked me up.  She always has at least one fist at her face in the tub and when she sleeps.  The other day, she had both fists up against her face in the tub and it made her lips look like a fish...I didn't have the camera close though and Dave was gone...figures right!  We'll have to settle for this shot.

Owen's been at a day camp the past two weeks, so, I haven't had any opportunity to photograph him.  But, he'll be home with me for the next month, so, I'm sure I will make up for it!! ;O)

10 Week Comparison...

I don't know why I get such a kick out of these photo comparisons, but, I do!  I imagine the kiddos won't be so amused with me doing this when they are older, let alone dressing them in the same clothes! ;O)  Better get it out of my system now...

Owen is just two days older than Olivia in these pictures.  I weighed Olivia last night and she was exactly 14 pounds...Owen weighed in at 14 pounds 13 ounces at 4 months old!  She is so much more filled out than Owen was, it makes it difficult to compare them still.  I got rid of the chair that I took these photos of Owen in because a battery had leaked and corroded all the motorized parts.  But, now I'm regretting it because it was awesome for picture taking!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Retakes Take 2...

Before you ask, yes I have a problem with keeping tons of pictures that all look very similar and no I don't plan to work on it! ;O)  Even worse, anyone who is willing to check this blog is subjected to looking at every one of them!  I thought about not including some of these, but, I loved them all for different reasons!  I am getting better, I used to save even the blurry and indecipherable pictures of Owen!!

I wanted to try this one more time during Olivia's happiest time of day today as the background was still up and the clouds rolled in last night.  We still have a lot of light, but, it's raining like crazy.  Perfect for indoor pics!!


We did some more pictures last night and the coloring is MUCH better.  I decreased the exposure and the sun was on the other side of the house.  She was a little concerned and tired for these though.  They aren't nearly as spectacular as the original shoot...figures huh!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

8 Weeks...

Man, if there was just a pause button on time...this one is getting SO big SO fast!!  I feel like I'm not enjoying it enough, and not appreciating it enough, and not spending enough quality time.  I think its partly because this is the last one and my last chance at the baby thing.

We did a quick shoot earlier today and I'm SO upset.  She was just totally on the mark today, but, I don't know if it was the lighting or the dark background, all of the shots are overexposed.  These are a couple of the "good" ones, but, there were a ton more that were absolutely awesome if she didn't look like a little ghost!!  I've tried editing them, but, just don't know if there is a fix for it.  I'm headed to get Owen from camp soon and will see if she'll cooperate again, maybe the light will be softer this afternoon.

It amazes me how much her eyes change color in the light from almost grey to bright blue!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love Those Toes!

Will sent me a picture of this pose with little feet and I was so glad because I have an infatuation with baby feet, but, wasn't sure how to photograph them in a fun way.  Unfortunately, I had to hit Dave up to take the pictures and it was late at night, so, the lighting was really bad.  All of the photos I've seen like this are black and white anyway, so, I went ahead and converted it.  I don't have any experience editing black and white photos nor do I know what makes a good one.  But, like how these turned out anyway! ;O)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beautiful Blankets...

We were given so many nice things for Olivia, two of which were these hand knitted (or is it crocheted?) blankets.  The pink one was done by Dave's Aunt Linda and the yellow by my friend Kirsten.  I wanted to make sure and get pictures with the baby using both of them, but, wasn't quite sure how to position them.  I haven't got it figured yet, but, am loving the pictures anyway.  I'll keep working at it and see if I can do better in the future.  I couldn't decide between all of these pictures which were my favorites, so, you get to see them all!  Be thankful, I deleted quite a few others! ;O)I wish I had started with the white background, but, still like this shot.  When we first got this blanket from Linda, I laughed about her crazy bright color choice, but, it grew on me fast and I'm totally loving it! ;O)  It's just the right weight and size too, she is wrapped up in it almost daily!

I should have edited the fuzz out of Olivia's mouth in this photo...

I thought I was happy with the way I did these, but, now I'm regretting flopping the corner over her head.  Love the yellow and green with her coloring though!  I'll work on it and do better next time.

Friday, May 11, 2012

So Proud!

It's hard to believe these two cutie pies are from Dave and I...I'm not bias or anything! ;O)  We've had a rough night followed by a semi-rough day, but, I think Olivia might be turning a corner and the fever seems to be subsiding.  I swear, we haven't made a whole lot of progress from the days where we used leaches to suck the toxins out of our bodies!  There's got to be a better way of keeping us healthy than to put our little ones through this!

Just a few shots of the two kiddos together today, missy lou is far from cooperative still.  Another photo shoot will have to wait!

This baby loves her brother and he LOVES to do anything to help take care of her.  Earlier today, he had me show him how to put her clean diaper on...he's still steering clear of the dirty ones though!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

6 Week Check-Up!

We finally made it in to the pediatrician for Olivia's 6-week check-up and you won't believe how much she's grown!  Poor little thing is suffering though from the vaccinations, we are watching her temp closely today as she's running a pretty high fever.  

I dug up some more pictures to compare between the two kids, but, had a little more trouble getting any that were dead on like last time.  So, first, here's a comparison:

At 6 Weeks:
Owen-11lb 2.87oz and 22 1/8" long
Olivia-12lb 5.2oz and 21.5" long

Looking at these pictures, I think they had one or the other's height way off.  There's no way Owen was taller than Olivia, these pjs were too small for her lengthwise and it looks like they fit him just fine.  These pictures were both taken when the two were 48 days old.  Olivia was having a rough day, so, this is all we managed to get that day.  In all of the comparisons, Owen is on the left and Olivia is on the right.

See...same pjs and same hippo play mat...there's no way Owen was taller at this stage...

 In the rest of these, Owen is still 48 days and Olivia is 49.  I'm not sure these are comparable, but, you can see a little bit of each of their personalities in both!! ;O)

 The next two sets are the same picture of Olivia compared to two different shots of Owen.  I just couldn't get anything to exactly match up for a good comparison.

And I just had to share this one of Olivia because its cute! ;O)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Pics...

Owen ran his race this past weekend at the zoo.  He did a great job, but, informed us that all the boys were elbowing one another to get in front, so, he did it too!  He cracks us up, at least he held his own I guess!  He was a little on the crabby side and its definitely reflected in the pictures we got!

I look tubby here, but, it's really Olivia! ;O)  It was really cold, low 50s and looked like it wanted to rain!  Olivia didn't seem to care though, she slept through the whole thing!

A bunch of parents swarmed the finish line, so, nobody else could get pictures of their kid finishing.  This is the best I did.  Look at those pink cheeks!  It was a 1k, so, Owen got his exercise in that day.  He went from here to clean up trash with his dad and Aunt Shawn and then off to an open house at the train depot before heading back to his grandparent's for Great Grandma Mary's 91st birthday party!!

 Olivia also had a rough you can see! ;O)

Owen was holding "his baby" today and thankfully, the camera was close.  I apparently didn't bother buttoning Olivia's jammies all the way...don't know how to Photoshop out diapers! ;O)

Shawnie bought this outfit for Olivia and I especially love the hat with the little antennas.  Unfortunately, Olivia does, between not liking the hat and the fact that she is just kind of crabby today, this is the best I could do!

 Shawn bought this flower for a friend's baby shower, but, let me borrow it first for pictures...don't tell on us! ;O)  It's made of foam and meant to be stuffed into a kitchen sink to make bathing a baby comfy and easier on mom...but, I don't use the kitchen sink, so, I just wanted it for a picture prop!  I haven't figured out how to position it just right for the best picture though.  I'm going to work on it.

Dave's been working on a swing set for Owen and worked late last night to get the swings up and going.  Owen is thrilled!  His daycare didn't have swings on their playground and neither does our neighborhood playground, so, this is a huge thrill for Owen!

Max thinks they're great too...he slithered under Owen and would bite at his feet every time Owen swung by.  He's such a weird little thing!