Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

O.k., so, my background is an epic fail and I broke one of my light box light bulbs on Christmas Day and read somewhere that you can replace them with bulbs from Lowes...WRONG!!  Add to that, poor Liv was working on one of the most miserable colds I've ever seen...and you get the un-Photoshopable pics below.  But, the kids are still cute!!

Liv's feeling much better, but, this cold started with a 102 fever on Sunday night and continued on into Tuesday at which time, it turned into a nasty head cold with a cough that sounded more like croup (sp?) than a regular cold.  Fortunately, a friend at work's daughter had suffered with the same cold the week before and she was able to coach us through it because Wednesday was the worst night of all.  I would have considered taking her to the ER had I not known what to expect.  By Thursday night though, she was back up and running.  Fever was gone and cold/cough were nothing like the day before.  Anyway, fingers crossed none of the rest of us get it.  I don't think we'd bounce back like Liv did!!!

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing Valentine's Day.  Dave brought me flowers on Thursday and Liv immediately assumed they were for her.  She said something like, "Oh, flowers for me?  They not pink!"  We let her think they were her's since her dad hadn't taken into consideration that he has two girls to buy for now...  But, I picked her up a bouquet of pink carnations the next day and when I brought them home she said, "Oh, I LOVE them".  Too cute!  Totally worth the $5.99!  Hahaha.

I messed with these a lot trying to make them postable...


I posted these with the intent of going back and explaining, but, completely forgot, sorry!!  These are just the last of the pictures from December and Christmas.  I took so many in December, I kind of got lax in January and February.  I'll have to make up for it now I guess.  These two change so much every day, even Owen, I feel like I can't take too many pictures!!

Owen took it upon himself to write a letter to Santa this year.  Apparently, he changed his mind about what he wanted just a couple weeks before Christmas...which was unfortunate because "Santa" thought he'd spent all he was going to and was feeling pretty good about it!! ;O)  How can you not get him what he wants though when he asks for one for his sister too!!  How many kids worry about their siblings when writing a wish list!  Absolutely melted our hearts.  If you can't read it, here's what it says: "To Santa from Owen  This year for Christmas I would like Zoomer dino and a pink one for my sister."  Needless to say, he has a Zoomer Dino in his room that was not easy to get so close to Christmas!!!  

I have no idea why we took this or what the head lamps and ear protection were about, but, it was on my phone and thought it was cute.

Owen had his family birthday party at home and his cousin and sister helped blow out the candles.  We also did a birthday party at the movie theatre and he and a few friends watched Penguins of Madagascar.
Liv LOVED her Christmas dress and refused to take it off after pictures were done.  Actually, she wore it on and off for several days!  Here she is making pancakes one morning with her dad.
This is cousin Eli, isn't he the cutest!!

This is the annual Christmas photo with the cousins!!  With each addition, it gets a little trickier!!!  Next year there will be FIVE little monkeys to try and corral...wish me luck!! ;o)

Just before Christmas, Liv got invited to her first tea party.  Her Grandma Gail buys her tons of dresses, she has tons of pink princess dresses, but, for whatever reason, this is the one she wanted to wear.  How cute is she!

Aunt Lori wanted to do something for her mom for Christmas and sent these jammies and asked that we take a picture of the kids in them.  I think this is the shot she ended up using...

But, I got a few other keepers too...

Christmas Eve at my mom's Grandmother was celebrating her 93rd Christmas, crazy!! So glad we still have her with us.  
Christmas morning...

Santa opted for a "pink" kitchen instead of a pink Zoomer Dino for Liv...he explained it in a note! ;O)

This picture was supposed to be me and Liv in our matching aprons from Diana, but, Liv insisted on sitting in my lap, kind of defeated the purpose.  We need to work on the dogs and their posing skills!

More of my cute kids and the silly glasses from their grandparents...Liv just cracked me up the way she held them...

I had Owen take a picture of Dave and I, we are so bad about taking pictures together!!

My mom bought everyone (but me) super man jammies.  The kids were thrilled!! Liv also has a pair in pink/yellow that are too cute.  I need to get more pictures of all of them.