Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She's Here!!!

Olivia Laray FINALLY arrived two days past her due date and on my sister's birthday!  I blame Shawn for this, she told me to wait until she got back from her conference in Reno...so, we did...Shawn's plane landed around 11pm and we called her at 3am the next morning to let her know we were on our way to drop Owen off and head to the hospital! ;O)

Just 17 short hours later (thats sarcasm!), we had a healthy 8lb 10oz baby girl who was 20" tall.  She beat out her brother by 4oz and both the midwife and nurses assisting actually laughed about what a chunkeroo she was WHILE I was trying to deliver!  I didn't get very big, so, they all assumed she'd be much smaller...I knew better!

This experience was SO much better than what I had with Owen.  I keep teasing Dave that he's lucky it wasn't like this the first time around, we may have had 4 or 5 by now!  He doesn't think I'm funny...
Owen is totally in love and so far, has been an amazing big brother with minimal jealousness.  He constantly wants to hold her or kiss her and even wants me to wake her up so he can see her eyes.  He's so funny, after he arrived at the hospital with Shawn, the first thing he asked was to "see her footies".  He's still coming to terms with her name though.  As far as he's concerned, she's still "Engine" and argues with anyone who says differently.  Even was upset that the staff at the pediatrician's office were calling her Olivia yesterday!

 O.k., so, I've been perusing the internet for poses the past month or so and had all these great/cute ideas for photographs.  However, the point in newborn pics is to see their roly poly bodies.  Olivia isn't having it, she HATES to be naked and throws the biggest fits you've ever seen...  I got this one shot with a crabby baby and the flowers Owen/Shawn brought to us at the hospital.  She's lost a pound already, but, you can still see how filled out she is!!
Olivia looks so much like her brother, its crazy.  But, she has the bluest eyes ever where her brothers were literally as black as his pupil!!!  Can't wait to see what they turn out to be, I have my fingers crossed they stay blue like Dave's mom and sister's!!

For comparison sake....here's Owen....
and this is Olivia...I'll work on better comparison photos later...right now, this is the best I can do!!
Better run for now, I have Olivia across my lap while I try to write and her patience is wearing thin.  Just wanted to get some pictures out there while I had a coherent moment! ;O)