Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo Pass Pics...

We went ahead and bought the Photo Pass cd partly because there were a few pictures that turned out better than our own and partly because you could add the characters signatures to the photos and other fun borders!

This one of Owen with Lightning was a must-have.  The car would rev his engine and get pretty loud.  When you stood by the cars, the noise was pretty deafening thanks to an overhang above the cars.  So, in the shots Dave got, Owen had one hand covering his ear.  I was thrilled to see that the Photo Pass people got a shot before the noise started!

How cute is this shot with Mickey's signature! ;O)

The only down side was that you could only put one signature per photo.  I have to figure out how to photoshop Winnie-the-Pooh's signature in to Shawn's photo!

First Time Shooting!

I was out of town on a girl's weekend last weekend and Dave decided to take our little man shooting for the first time.  We'd hoped to do it last summer, but, it seemed like every time we had the opportunity, it would pour on us.

I was proud of Dave for getting these shots...he went alone and had to use a tripod and everything.  Owen was absolutely in heaven.  He was so proud he finally got to shoot with his dad and seemed to love every second of it.  He was still beaming when I got home.  I asked him which gun he preferred shooting and he told me the rifle...go figure! ;O)


We didn't end up spending much time at all at MGM.  It's not got a lot of rides, mostly shows that require you to stand in line for an hour just to get a seat.  So, we kind of skipped out on the main portions of the park by doing so.  However, we did make a point for Owen to ride the new Toy Story ride there, which was incredible!!!  And Shawn and Dave rode the Rock'N'Roller Coaster.  Shawnie really wanted to do the Tower of Terror, but, Dave and I both turned her down...

I did take her picture in a Goofy hat though! ;O)

You got to love the city scapes in MGM, the pictures certainly turn out realistic looking!

 This is Dave and Owen on one of the Disney Shuttle buses coming back from the park.  I swear, if all we had done was ride the shuttle buses, Owen would have completely happy!