Saturday, June 30, 2012

We have had the craziest weather lately!  I'm trying not to complain after seeing the extreme heat in the central US and the flooding in the southeast.  But, ours has just been plain frustrating.  It starts out super cold and maybe even rainy in the mornings than it is in the 70s around 4pm out of the blue or vice versa.  The other day we went to Owen's running club and even though we live less than a mile away, it was clear blue skies at our house and pouring rain at the park.  In the hour and a half we were there it cleared up and got super hot and then, right as we were leaving, the rain and wind moved in again and it rained the rest of the day.

Anyway, point being, today was similar.  When we woke up it was clear blue skies, by Olivia's first nap it was dark and cloudy as if it were going to rain and then the sun appeared out of nowhere.  So, we decided to go for a bike ride and visit the park near our house.  It was the perfect temperature (mid 60s) and just amazingly beautiful.  I thought to bring my camera and got some long overdue shots of Owen.

We are in the process of switching Owen up to the next size in clothes.  So, excuse the shirt thats a little large and the pants that are a little small...hehe, cracks me up for some reason!  At least his shoes fit!!!

He wouldn't stop with the goofy grin, so, a straight face seemed to be best...didn't notice the grape jelly on his face until now!

Olivia was so funny, every time I pulled her glasses down over her eyes, she was out like a light!  It was really bizarre!!

I insisted on taking this photo of Owen and I on this tree.  I wish Dave had told me it just made us look nuts and in my case, extra portly! ;O)  Oh well, I don't have many shots of me with my favorite little man!

You know you take too many photos when your son thinks up better poses than you can and insists on his photo being taken!!  I'll know I'm truly bad if Olivia knows how to pose before she can sit up on her own!! ;O)

Another Try...

Once I set everything up, I get on a picture kick and end up taking pictures every time Olivia seems the least bit cooperative!  So, I've got more to show you.  I should take everything down, then maybe I'd quit! ;O)

Mom dropped us off after we visited my grandmother and uncle in Palmer.  So, I tried to enlist her help to get the shot I wanted.  Olivia had missed a nap by then and clearly was in no mood!

So, I made her do it again after she woke up...poor kid!

I wanted both hands under her chin, she's just not having it!

I was playing with my lighting.  I haven't used it since this winter, but, clearly, I still don't know what I am doing!  Cute shot though if the light hadn't been gleaming off her head!!!

So, this morning I wanted to try and recreate a picture I had seen on a local photographer's website.  Olivia's tutu isn't poofy enough though and it was too sunny, she was really squinty.  I'm going to try again later and see if i can poof the skirt more.

The only bad thing about my little photo shoot "set-up" is that it's on the coffee table...just the right, if Olivia complains...Max races over to kiss her better!  Good thing she's got all her vaccines and vice versa!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Months Already!!

Hey everybody!  We had such a hot week last week, I was in no mood to hang out inside and work on the computer!!  But, here's some pictures I took...

Olivia was less than amused with the time we spent outside, it was just too bright for her! ;O)

Owen had a game on Thursday and although it was cloudy and 55 at hit 75 just in time for the game around 6.  I was dying and all the kids had sweat streaming down their faces!  Owen made another goal though!  He's working on offense/defense with the only other kid on his team that has a clue what's going on!

 Olivia didn't mind it once we got a hat and sunglasses on her!  But, she was miserable in her car seat.
Owen wanted to run "through" the sprinkler, but, he ran "around" it more than anything.  I made him run straight through with me and he told me that I made him shiver and he went inside.  I think he missed the boat on what you are supposed to do in the sprinkler...I guess there's no point in a pool!
Olivia and I had a photo shoot today!  She was pretty patient and we were even late for nap time, but, she didn't complain at all!  I thought she was getting a tooth, but, after a visit to the pediatrician, I was told it's just a plugged mucus something or other.  Anyway, it seems to make her drool regardless!

I loved those little toes in the air in this one!

These are all super similar to the brown background pictures I took a while back, but, she's more comfortable on her elbows with this particular pillow, so, you will most likely see even more of these in the future!
I had issues with this one in Photoshop, ignore the background! ;O)
These last two are more alike than I realized, I'll have to look through all of them again...

I left the backdrop stuff up and hope to try again tomorrow with the full body shots, I think I need to move her forward more so you see less pillow and more baby.  These are the ones of Owen I had in mind when I was doing Olivia's that I look back, we paid a bloody fortune for these and they are SO over edited!  Owen was about 3 months in these as well...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Fun Pics...

I took these the other day and just thought they were funny...


Looking for her fingers with that tongue...
 She always holds her hands like this!

Notice the drool soaked shirt!  I've started putting bibs on her while she's awake!!

Tummy Time...

We got the jump-a-roo out for her a couple weeks ago.  Her head just isn't as sturdy as Owen's at this age, otherwsie, she'd be a bouncing machine!  She doesn't have the fear of it that Owen did originally!

In fact, she moves so much, its tough to get her still long enough to take a picture that isn't blurry!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture Happy...

I took a ridiculous amount of photos of this kid today, it may be part of the reason it took so long for us to get headed out the door! ;O)  (Don't tell Dave!)

This kid's left foot is always moving, even when she's eating!  Cracks me up that I caught it in the picture even!

Olivia has a tooth coming in already!!  I've been able to see it for well over a week now, but, the girl doesn't chew on things yet (we are still in the licking stage) nor is she big enough to really hold a chew toy anyway so, I don't know how to help her.  In the meantime, she's started sucking her fingers and we've let it go until this tooth comes through.  Hopefully, she won't end up being one of those kids that are still sucking on them at 5!!  But, the funniest part is she prefers her middle two, just like her mom did! ;O)

See ;O)....

I just can't get enough of this pudgy little face!!

Happy Father's Day!

Dave wanted to go to the Zoo today and since it was his we went.  It was raining at the house as we headed out, but, BEAUTIFUL in town!  70 degrees in fact...thats about the warmest it's been so far!

I don't know why, but, I make Owen take pictures with the antlers every time...they crack me up for some reason!  Here he is with caribou (not reindeer...Dave and I argue about that every time we go) antlers...

and here he is with his moose antlers....Dave thinks they could be bigger (has to mention that now that he has a set of 61" antlers of his own! ;O) )

The petting zoo was open, and, it was so hot, the animals didn't have the energy to run!

I don't normally get wound up about taking pics of the animals, but, we really enjoyed the bears today.  The black bears were super cute sleeping in a hammock, but, there was no way to get a good shot of that!

Everyone was out sunning today, even the polar bears...

but, I liked this angle better!!  How cute are those toes...well, from this side of the glass anyway! ;O)

Olivia was apparently awake for most of the drive out to the zoo, so, she chose to sleep during our visit.  She woke up just in time for a couple of pictures on our way out.  Doesn't she look like she's six months here!!  Breaking my heart!

Owen was hamming it up today and wanted more pictures taken with the Lupine.  Goofy kid!