Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time Well Spent with Daddy

It appears that Owen really doesn't care if his dad is awake, as long as they are together! ;O) I didn't realize until I went to edit this photo, that Dave was still asleep when I took the shot!!! I told him not to move....I guess he didn't! Anyway, this was taken last night while they watched a movie "together". Doesn't Owen just crack you up with those legs crossed!
Dave took this shot of our pups today. I know nobody really cares about seeing pics of them, but thought this was too cute. I'm so happy that they get along so well and love each other so much!! Not many dogs would put up with Max like Daisy seems to do!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Potty Trained!

O.k., so both Owen and Dave are going to be mad at me for this one eventually. But, I had to take a picture to commemorate Owen's accomplishments!! On Tuesday, he apparently decided that nature was calling while I was in the other room, so he marched himself into the bathroom, dragged the step stool over, put his potty seat on the toilet, pulled down his pants, and did his business without saying a word to me!! He cracks me up how independant he can be. We've had a few accidents since we first started working on him back on May 22nd, but its usually his delinquint parents that forget to put a pull-up on him at nap time or aren't paying attention when he's squirming but not saying anything for fear of having to miss some of his movie!! So, for the most part, we feel like he's pretty much a success and hope there won't be any back tracking like I've seen other kids do!

Some Family Time...

Dave was able to come home from work early enough on Monday so that we still had time to take Owen to the elementary school down the road and play at their playground. The fence guys were here all day, and although the weather was amazing, I didn't think Owen should play outside while they were working. So, that was the first chance we had to get out in the sunshine!! We all had a blast and Owen was exhausted by the time we got home!!!

I think Owen's favorite part was when Dave or I would race him up the playground equipment and down the slide. He is so fearless!! You'd be shocked how fast he can go! I know I was out of breath!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will's Here!

Mom and Will have been here for about two weeks now, in fact, mom is leaving today. But, we haven't had many photo-ops. Will stayed the night Saturday night though so he could go shooting with Dave. Owen absolutely loves him and is so exited when he wakes-up and realizes that Will is still there! They are so cute together and if they didn't get along so well, I'd say they were like brothers! ;o) I dug out Owen's Hot Wheels track for them and the two of them spent about an hour making the cars shoot around the tracks. Owen loves that thing, but his dad and I can only play so long before we get bored. So, it was a huge thrill to have Will there to play with him. Will has two really cool camps the next two weeks so he's staying with Shawn during the week and with us on the weekends. It's nice to have him here, we missed him a lot. But, nothing compared to how much Owen missed him!

Don't Ask!!

So last Saturday Owen noticed his back pack that we haven't used since our trip to Oklahoma in November. He decided he had to have it and made me get it down for him and zip up all of the pockets. He then put his shoes and coat on and insisted I help him put the bag on his back. Then he marched himself outside. He went all around the yard doing his usual business with that stupid bag on his back!!! I have no idea why and he hasn't wanted it since....boys!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Behind as Usual

I took a bunch of photos last weekend, but never found the time to post them. I don't know why, but I've just been exhausted lately. So, anyway, I'm making up for it now!

To start out, I have to eat my words from a couple posts ago....Owen finally managed to fit both his wheelbarrow and himself in his pedal car. He's got such a hard little head, he refused to give up! He just cracks me up, I don't know why this was so important to him, at least he gave up on sitting in the wheelbarrow while sitting in the pedal car!! ;O)
The highlight of the weekend was getting Owen into his big boy bed!!! His crib is described as a "Lifetime crib" and converts to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed using the front and back portions of the crib as a headboard/foot board. Since he insisted on sleeping in the spare room for about a week, we decided just to skip on to the full size bed. Unfortunately, the generic frame we grabbed at Sears doesn't work, so we have to wait for the frame to be shipped.
We already had the mattress/box springs so we went ahead and put them on the floor and he's been sleeping on them ever since. Although, he insists on using his crib comforter instead of a regular blanket!!
Owen has been on a big daddy kick lately and is pretty much on his heels constantly. I thought these were cute pics of them cuddling Tuesday evening!

We've had good weather off and on lately. Tuesday was one of the good days, so Owen and I took a trip down the street to the playground. It was pretty packed, so I didn't have the opportunity to take many photos. But, Owen had a great time and was pooped by the time we left!
We rounded out the day playing in the dirt while his dad barbqued dinner! He can't resist a pile of dirt or a puddle to splash in! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!