Sunday, March 29, 2009

Redoubt Final Got Us!

Well, I had an entry all ready to post yesterday about how lucky we've been that Redoubt had blown for the 11th time that morning and we still hadn't been hit with any ash. Unfortunately, before I was able to post, my computer shutdown on me and I had to leave for a movie at the Bear's Tooth in town. About half way through the movie, we got word that there had been a second eruption and ash was falling in the Anchorage area. When we went outside our vehicles were already covered in a good layer and I managed to get more than a healthy dose in my mouth and eyes. Yuck!!! According to the Volcano Observatory website, we had a total of 4 eruptions (1:30am, 1:58pm, 3:43pm-the one that got Anchorage, and the last one at 7:36pm) yesterday, bringing us up to about 15 so far . Lucky for us, the Eagle River/Chugiak area barely got a dusting and Shawnie skated by with just a little bit more than that. I was really pretty shocked at how much ash had accumulated on our trucks just during in the couple of hours we spent at the movie!! According to the AVO website, things quieted down quite a bit last night, but Redoubt is starting to rev back up again. So, keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yamulke Anyone?

3-28-09: For anyone who doesn't already know, Owen attends daycare at a Jewish synagogue in town. Every Friday they celebrate Shabbat (A ceremony celebrating the start of the weekend and time spent with the family) as I've mentioned before. In addition, to making the challah bread, each child also participates in the Shabbat ceremony where they sing songs and drink a little grape juice and eat their bread. During the ceremony, each of the boys wheres a Yamulke (the little beenie and yes that's how it's spelled, I looke it up!). Apparently, this Friday, Owen was enjoying his Yamulke and refused to take it off, even when his dad arrived to take him home. His teachers told Dave to just go ahead and let him take it home. Dave ws super thrilled, especially since it's pink.....

Dave left it out in view, so when Owen woke up this morning, guess what he wanted to wear!!

Dino Roar...

3-25-09: Dave and I saw this remote control dinosaur just before Christmas and had to have it for Owen. We were soooo excited, we could hardly wait until Christmas and even had to wake Owen up Christmas morning to open it. He was really excited about it, but didn't like it turned on and would run to a different room or stand behind of us for protection. We were so disappointed! Anyway, at Shawn's birthday party last weekend, Uncle Doc and Geoff had it out and were playing with it and Dave managed to talk Owen into petting him. Since then, Owen has decided the dinosaur is the greatest thing ever! He even run down the battery and Dave was frantically looking for the charger last night....that we've never used before! ;o)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shawn's Happy Day!!

3-22-09: We celebrated Shawnie's 29th birthday on Sunday! She's only got one more year before she reaches the top of the hill and becomes old like me!!! ;o) I wasn't on top of things enough to get pictures of everyone at the party, but I did get lots of photos of Owen helping me make and decorate her "Happy Day" cake. (At least, that's what Owen calls it-he also sings "Happy Day to you...). As soon as I told him we were making a birthday cake for Shawn, he ran over and grabbed his left over Madagascar plates from his birthday out of the cupboard. He was really excited to use them again and just as excited to help make the cake. Every Friday at his daycare, all of the kids get to help make challah (a jewish bread) for their Shabbot celebration. So, Owen has always loved to cook and even likes to crack the eggs open!!! Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, we had to change clothes between making the cake and decorating it. It's quite a process when you're a little man!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dave's Last Game of the Season

3-17-09: I had a really cute set of pictures of Owen and his friend Jeda that I was planning to post, but after thinking about it, her parents may not want her face on the internet. So, I will email those out to you guys later and make this my last post for now. Owen and I missed every one of Dave's games the last two season's because they were so late with the exception of his very last game of the winter season. I believe they ended up like 1 and 12 for the season or at least something along those linese. But, he's still fun to watch and Owen absolutely loves hockey. Although, we did catch an Aces game earlier this month where he had his first "run-in" with Boomer!! Well, actually, Boomer came around to hug all the kids and take photos (Boomer's the mascot Shawn says he's a polar bear but I thought he was a wolf). Anyway, Owen was terrified and was climbing the seats when he walked past our row. He spent the rest of the game with one eye on Boomer's whereabouts for fear he might come back. It was hilarious...poor Boomer!! ;o)

Like Father...Like Son...

3-3-09: I'm sure all of you have heard me complain at one time or another how much Owen takes after his dad and how I can't wait to have one that resembles me in some small way!! Well, that became even more apparent to me tonight as I was getting ready to post this particular picture. We had sushi for dinner the other night and bought Owen his favorite roll-the Shrimp Tempura Roll-and as usual he insisted on using chopsticks to eat it with, just like dad....Anyway, this is how he decided to start out the meal without any provocation!!!! I swear, we've never shown him how to do this or anything similar!!! As I went to post this picture however, another one came rushing back to me!!! Now does Owen remind you of anyone???

This event was also unsolicited and in Butte's finest restaurant I might add!!! Dave thought he was pretty funny way back then, we're guessing this photo was taken sometime around January or February of 2001. Now can you see how I was swept off my feet !! ;o)

Goofy Boy!

3-3-09: My goal in these first few posts is to catch you up on the happenings around here for the past month or so. Fortunately, we haven't taken too many pictures this month, so its not too overwhelming of a goal!! I think you all probably know what a tough month Owen and I have had health wise. Owen was definitely hit harder than I was and he barely had a week between recovering from the stomach flue and being hit hard with a major head cold!! Although, looking back at the pictures it seems like he made the most of his short time though!! He even got away with eating lunch in the living room, kicked back in his recliner!!! Such a rough life! ;O)

First Post....

O.k., I am super new to this whole blog thing, but it seems like the best way to keep you guys all updated on our little man and to share lots of pictures without filling up your inboxes or requiring you to sign-up for various photo sharing websites! I am not quite sure how this all works, but I guess we'll see how it all goes!! ;o) My goal is to post here at least once a week, but will make an effort to do it as frequently as possible. It seems that I am on the computer constantly, so it shouldn't be too difficult!!

FYI-Dave picked the title of our blog, that was how he "helped" me get this started!! ;o) If you guys have any better suggestions, please let me know and I will be happy to change it!

Dawn, Dave, and Owen